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About Sharkk Heartt

What is Sharkk Heartt?

Sharkk Heartt is the name of my electronic pop music project, in which I (Lara) function as electronic music producer, songwriter, vocalist, keyboard-and-guitarist, and activist for equality. (And also as car mechanic, marketing team, booking agent, breadwinner, social media maven, publicist, and manager, because the business of music is NOT A WALK IN THE PARK).

I sing feminist anthems and manifestos for inclusivity, and I also sing love songs and the occasional up-tempo get-down. I write and speak about being an (imperfect) ally. I believe these things can make a difference, and add up to a better, kinder world, and I hope you will join me in this belief.

What are you creating?

I’m writing new songs and electronic music, learning to play songs I love, and writing essays on feminism and activism and intersectionality. Every month I release something new for you - a video or demo recording of a song or beat (sometimes one that I haven’t finished writing), a new essay, or maybe (sometimes) a chapter of a book-in-progress or rough mixes of my unreleased album-in-progress! Your support directly enables me to set aside the time to write and record and edit these things for you, and I am so grateful. While I recognize that all the business parts of a music career are part of the package, my true joy (and I believe my true impact) is in the creating and sharing, and the fact that my patrons help me do more of THAT makes my heart a little fuller every day. 

Why Patreon?

Because art matters. Music matters. And artists like me need an entire community of supporters in order to make what we do possible, especially in the digital age. Consider this: when you pledge $1 a month, I get paid 250 times what Spotify pays artists when someone listens to their song (about .004 cents per stream. That’s not 4 cents - that’s less than half a cent. You would have to stream the same song 250 times on Spotify before an artist makes $1 from it). By becoming a patron, you are making 250 times the impact for 1/10th of the cost of a Spotify subscription. Because of this, artists need fans like you more than ever. We can’t do what we do without you.

Patreon is an ideal platform for connection and exchange between artists and their fans. Patreon makes it easy for you to support me and my creations directly, and it makes it easy for me to gather all the new things I make in one place and share them with you!

What if I only want to pledge $1 a month but you create two or three things each month?

You can set a monthly cap on your pledge - just click on “I’d like to set a monthly limit” before you confirm your pledge amount.

What if I feel weird about giving out my credit card info online?

Patreon is an awesome company, and they keep your info safe - making a pledge on Patreon is a lot like subscribing to Netflix or Spotify, supporting a kickstarter campaign, or being enrolled in automatic bill-pay. Patreon was created to support artists and creators, so it’s built to be one of the most direct ways possible to support artists like me, and they keep payment-processing fees low so you know where your money is going. But if you're still worried, I also accept monthly checks in the mail. ;)

So what’s special about being one of your patrons? Where IS my money going, exactly?

When you sign up to be a patron, your pledge will go directly into the creation of new music and new writing. You will be entering a symbiotic relationship of art creation, and you can be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like. You’ll be making it possible for me to record new songs and create new music videos that I’ll release for free - I want these songs to be accessible to everyone, because the world is tough to navigate, and music can help.

You’ll also get exclusive access to demo versions, unfinished songs, and rough mixes of album tracks before they are released. You’ll have the opportunity to help me decide on projects - what songs to cover, what news you’d like to hear about, which new song should be the single on the next album. Choose the reward tier that best fits your budget and your desired level of involvement - it’s up to you.

In closing…

I can’t say thank you enough. You are making it possible for me to give what I am able to give and make a positive impact in this world, and that means we are doing something good together.

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My dad just turned 60, and I want to be over 60 too! (It looks like so much fun). When we reach 60 patrons, I'll take a poll and record a song chosen by all of you!
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