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About Sharm

My name is Jenna but I use the online alias of Sharm.
I have been creating music and gaming videos on Youtube since 2007. 
I have never, ever asked for donations, even when I have been in desperate need of money. My first ever sound library was £200 which I saved up for, and was then able to create music with a wider variety of sounds and instruments. I waited for a year for my mum, dad, brother and partner to split the money for my condenser microphone which was £70. My family are by no means rich so this was a huge expense for them, but they have seen that I used that microphone every single day since.
I think it is very important to prove your worth in this industry. Throw down your cards, show your passions and if need be, your vulnerabilities. Stay true to your path for a long time. Do it on your own. Show everyone what you are capable of. And then, only then, does it feel OK to say "Will you support me in this?"
It has taken many, many years for me to get to the point where I have a very nice, albeit simple, setup. And I did it with my own money, and help from my family on my birthday and Christmas. I have a good music and video production program, a microphone, an isolation screen and some decent headphones for mixing. Doesn't sound like a lot, but to me it is my sanctuary that I patiently acquired over the years. 

I will never ever stop
singing and making videos, regardless of whether I receive external help or not, so there is no obligation to donate to me for worry that I may discontinue doing what I do. Music is a living thing inside of me and I will always continue to share everything I create with you. 
My one goal in life is to be able to sing and make videos for a living. I know it's achievable, I'm seeing people around me in the online world achieving it. I'm never more happy than when I am making music, and if I could quit my job and do this, only this, I would finally have achieved MY dream through YOU. 

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♪ Reaching this goal would be incredible! If I reach this I will make a pre-recorded mini concert video where I will perform 5 songs!
This goal was reached and the concert was released here!
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