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About Sharon Axelrod

Thank You so very much for visiting & supporting! 
Who I am:  I am a Visual Artist-Illustrator, ASMR* video creator, Early Childhood Art Education Specialist (former teacher), Nature Lover, and Super Nerd.  

What I do: I work mostly with watercolor and ink to create *tiny* miniature works of art.

Why so Tiny? :  I was lucky to grow up with a variety of lenses and microscopes at home, and so from an early age I was engaged in the exploration of scale and how that can influence our perspective of the world around us. Much of my joy in making tiny artwork stems from wanting to create pieces in which the viewer must shift their perspective a *tiny* bit, hopefully transporting them to a whole separate world.

What is ASMR ?:  ASMR [Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response] is a sensory response to visual and auditory stimuli that many people use to aid with sleep and relaxation.  The reason why it is so relaxing to watch hours of Bob Ross is not totally unrelated to ASMR.  I enjoy listening to ASMR videos while I work on art, so it's a true joy to be able to create videos for others to enjoy as well. 

Why I am so VERY thankful for your Support: Leaving a loving and full career of teaching for me was not by choice.  I was diagnosed with a medical condition that makes working as a Teacher impossible (as I am hooked to an IV for 16hrs a day among other issues).  In order to help support myself and my mounting medical bills I am hoping to expand my work as an artist online.  Your support of this page and my work will directly go to improving the works I make, and directly towards paying for my medical care.  I am so thankful for any donations you can offer. 

What perks do my subscribers get?:  My subscribers will be privy to special subscriber only videos, early releases, special print sales and discounts, special news and announcements, and some fun extra bonus gifts along the way.  For now I have one patron tier option, more will be added soon. 

Can I enjoy this page without donating anything? : YES!
Being someone of limited income myself, I will be absolutely sure to still have video releases and artwork posts available to the non-paying public both here and on my youtube page, website, and instagram.


Can I make just a one-time donation? : YES! If you are not interested in supporting me on a monthly basis but would still like to help me out, I have a medical gofundme page set up as well: for privacy reasons, please contact me, for a link to that page.

4% complete
If you can help me reach my goal of $400/mo. I will attempt to create a video of me drawing upside down with my eyes shut, while reciting the entire theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Maybe more importantly,... If you can help me reach my goal of $400/mo. you will be supporting a former teacher and artist pay for things like medical care and rent. I will be incredibly grateful to you, and I will be working very hard to make this page fun for all.
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