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Thank you for joining with me on this journey. I have known since I first picked up a pencil that my purpose in this life is writing. Then life put a path before me, which began to show me what it is that I need to write. I am the mother of a missing child, Michaela Joy Garecht, who was the victim of a witnessed stranger abduction in 1988. I have often said that Michaela was a bright light in the world, and that it has been my task since she has been gone to hold that light for her. She, and my other children, have taught me so much about love, about loss, about grief. I have written to and about Michaela for years, on Seeker's Road, and before that on Dear Michaela, and have been gratified by the number of people whose lives have been enriched, whose own journey has been helped, by my words to and about Michaela.

In recent years I have also battled Stage IIIC Metastatic Breast Cancer. I have written a lot also about this journey. I am a survivor at this point, and yet I have also looked into my own mortality, and have found some important and even beautiful things there as well. 

My primary writing is in my blog, at Seeker's Road, but I also have two books in progress. One is Dragons in the Garden, which is nonfiction, about the deeper lessons of love and parenting. The other is tentatively titled Oceans on the Moon, which is a fictional account about the mother of a missing child, whose younger child, while working through the issues her sister's abduction, goes missing voluntarily. Those who are supporters at the level of $25 or more will be invited to participate in the creation of these books by being sent drafts of chapters as they are created and to make comments on them. They will additionally receive personally signed copies of the books once they are published, as well as a copy of the child safety book I published several years ago.

Thank you so much for your support!

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