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After studying the bible for countless hours and all different perspectives on Eschatology, including Futurism, Historicism, Idealism, and Preterism I found myself debating Israel Only Preterism or Consistent Preterism in which I discovered the Astro-theological nature of the time statements in the bible leading me to conclude it's mythological origins. After exploring the cosmic cycles and natural world through the eyes of ancient man it became more and more apparent that our religions today were founded on the principals of Cosmology, Astrotheology, the Natural Philosophies such as Stoicism and other schools of thought including Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Etymology, etc. the well studied priest craft typology was needed in order to produce what we have in our religious circles today. Join me toward understanding and new paradigms as we enter the new age of Aquarius and our place in history as we benefit ourselves spiritually by beginning with truth.