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About Shaun Spalding

Who am I?

I'm Shaun Spalding, I'm an ex-Ubisoft game designer and independent game developer. I make tutorial videos, livestreams, tools and assets for GameMaker Studio 1 & 2 and game development in general. I also make video games!

Why Patreon?

Making regular tutorial videos and content for developers isn't something I can do alongside a full time job, and I also really don't want to charge for tutorials, or create courses behind a paywall. I want to create stuff that everyone can use.

At the moment I support my YouTube work with adverts and freelance work. The latter takes up a lot of my time and slows down my tutorials, and the former doesn't produce enough money on its own to sustain what I do despite my relatively large subscriber base and search ranking on YouTube.

Adverts also encourage a style of content that favors retention and mass market appeal rather than quality and depth. I would rather do away with them entirely and be funded solely by great people that care about my work. Those are the people who should influence it, not advertisers. Nobody likes watching adverts anyway.

So if you like my work, if you find it helpful, or even if you think that my stuff could help, encourage and teach others who want to get into games development, then please consider becoming a patron of my work! Patrons get access to all sorts of cool stuff. Check it all out in the side bar!

Thank you to each and every one of my patrons for believing in the work that I do and keeping it going and growing and improving these last few years. Without them, most of my tutorials in the last few years wouldn't exist.
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Transcription & subtitles!

I want to hire people to help with subtitles and translations to bring my tutorial work to more people and places.
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