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Join the Shaun Fam! You get private access to my Discord, a free gaming-centric voice chat program. You can come hang out and talk with not only me, but other supporters as well!

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Get your name in the credits at the end of every video! I'll also be sending you an invite to a private Monthly Movie Night!! We'll be getting together and watching some spooky movies together!
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Pick a game for me to play! At this level, you get to hand-pick a game for me to play on my channel. It has to be appropriate for Youtube, but for the most part, anything goes! 




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About ShaunTopofThings

Hey there, I'm Shaun and I make videogame walkthroughs and let's plays, playing the latest and greatest Horror Games! I'm a horror fanatic and I'm also a huge supporter of current indie game development. Most of my gameplay will be horror games, but I will play a few other games that peak my interest. I usually try to upload new and interesting horror games, horror classics and horror sleeper hits. I try not to edit my videos down too much as I want you to experience the full raw content. I also record my first and real reactions to new games. I try to remain down to earth and genuine, not just a youtube scream-cam gamer. If I do react with a scream, then I am genuinely freaked out or surprised. I just want you to enjoy the game as much as I am :)

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For my first $100, I would love to improve the audio quality of my voice in my videos. Right now I'm using my onboard mic and it's not very good. If I could reach my goal of $100, I could upgrade to a great mid-range mic. Then everyone listening will benefit from the amazing sound quality :)
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