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I've been posting tutorials and writing advice from time to time, so you'll have access to those :).

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About Shawn Lenore

How to be a Werewolf

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Hey friends! My name is Shawn and I make a comic called How to be a Werewolf. There are two new pages every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It's not an instruction manual! As much as people keep emailing me on how to turn into a werewolf, I'm afraid you probably know as much as I do. But if you're my main character, Malaya Walters, you at least would have the "already a werewolf" part under control, just not the "what do I do now" part. Malaya was bitten as a kid, but she ends up being raised by her very-human family, far away from any other supernatural creatures. For the most part, she keeps things under control as well as can be expected, until at the age of 25, she finally meets another werewolf and everything about her life changes.

How to be a Werewolf is an odd little romp through the life of one twenty-something werewolf, exploring anxiety, family relationships, issues with emotional abuse, and what it means to find your place in the world. Plus, HTBAW is really funny because I can't take anything seriously for very long apparently. (Like writing this paragraph.) It features a diverse cast of characters who ALL LOOK TOTALLY DIFFERENT (because I think that's important). One of them is a lesbian werewolf lawyer, and I'm really proud of myself because that sounds super neat. (She is neat.)

Anyway, I put a lot/all of my spare time into this little comic, and it would be great if you guys could help me make this endeavor less of an economic black hole/labor of love. In return, you'll get eight damn pages a month, and whatever else I can throw at you to make it worth your while!

I post things all month long. If there's something neat you'd like to see here, tutorials you'd like to request, writing tips you'd like a post on, let me know. There's a handful of stuff that $1 patrons can see, though most stuff starts at $2. Here are some things I post throughout the month:
- In progress drawings and sketches
- Cover ideas and in progress covers
- Not-quite-done pages early ($10+ patrons...sometimes they're finished, but usually in progress)
- Writing tips about developing characters, plots, building on story ideas, etc.
- Comic-making tutorials before they wander over to tumblr and get lost
- Zip files of HTBAW chapters ($5 patrons get standard resolution, $10+ patrons get high res)
- High resolution files of each page ($5+ patrons)
- Commissions for $20, $40, $80 tiers (see notes below)
- Whatever else ya'll wanna see. I'm always open to ideas if I can find the time to make them happen.

Commission Tier FAQ:

Why do you take commissions through Patreon?
It's easier for me to keep track of taxes and whatnot by putting all my commission requests through Patreon. This also makes sure I don't have too many people who want stuff commissioned at the same time.

How does this work?
Before you pledge for a commission tier, it never hurts to drop me a message or an email (shawnlenore @ gmail) just to make sure I have time and can meet your request.

You ONLY have to pledge the one month at that tier, and then after you're charged, you can switch back to whatever tier you'd rather be at on a monthly basis, or you can discontinue your support thereafter. I really don't mind if that's the case! I always appreciate when people stay on, but totally not required. I will try and make sure to remind you to switch before the end of the month, and if for some reason you forget, I'll make sure to refund your money or get you another reward.

If you'd like additional commissions after the first month, please give me a head's up first! That'll give me a chance to make sure there's no one else waiting in the wings who already requested a spot.

If you can't afford the total amount for your commission right off the bat, let me know ahead of time, and we can split the cost up over a series of months. So like, two months at $40, etc. That gives me more time to work, and you a bit of a break on spending money all at once.

What do I get at each of the available tiers?
$20 gets you a black and white sketch, full body, of whatever character you want - first month only.
$40 gets you a black and white inked drawing, OR I'll do a full color bust - first month only
$80 gets you a full body, full color commission - can do multiple commissions, just give me a head's up first Color commissions are closed as of August and will reopen if I ever have time!

If you want to switch between tiers, so a sketch one month and an inked drawing a different month, that's cool. Just keep me posted about whatever you're looking for. I'd do multiple sketches and inks and whatever for everybody, but it becomes a lot to squeeze in every month, so that's the only way I can keep these tiers under control lol

When will I get my finished commission?
The month of your full payment, unless I contact you otherwise ahead of time, or unless I just never hear back from you about what you want for your drawing. Generally, I'll try and hunt you down for details on what you want as soon as I notice you've pledged to one of these tiers, so mostly it's an issue of whenever I hear back from you.

What do you need from me?
Specificity! The more specific you are, the more I'll be able to get you the drawing you want. If you have other drawings of your character, a pose in mind, colors you'd like to use, photos of people who look like your character, etc., that helps me get a more accurate idea of what you want the finished product to be. 

I do a sketch first (or for stuff I'm really not sure of, a thumbnail and then a sketch), which you'll get to see early on so we can do a round of changes. Then I'll ink and color the drawing, at which point, I don't mind doing small changes (make the shirt a bit redder, take off this bit of hair, etc...nothing big). Then you'll get a high resolution image that you can use to make prints or whatever. (Not for resale!) If you'd like me to upload the drawing to tumblr, deviantart, twitter, etc so you can share it with your social network, let me know :). 

What do you draw?
 Safe for work stuff! Fan art, furries, original characters, characters from HTBAW...whatever. I try not to turn down requests. If you'd like to commission something of characters from HTBAW, I might be pickier about the context, just because they're my characters.
$1,008.76 of $2,000 per month
Should I ever reach this goal, then I know you guys are really serious about my comic! Which is awesome! Hitting this goal means I'll launch a kickstarter to actually publish my comic as a graphic novel so you can own a real life copy of it as well :).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 896 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 896 exclusive posts

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