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How much would you spend for up-to-date information on your elected officials? The cost of a couple of lattes? Your monthly Netflix bill?

$8 per month will allow me to live-tweet Boulder City Council meetings and create a weekly newsletter summarizing that week's discussion and previewing upcoming issues.



About Shay Castle

How much time do you have to keep up your local elected officials? If you're like most busy, working people, a few minutes a week is all you can spare.

With my coverage, that will be enough. I will sit through the city council meetings; as a bonus, I'll live tweet them. I'll do the research, ask the questions, and make sense of what's going on. Then I'll put everything into digestible bits in a weekly newsletter that will tell you what happened and what's coming up.

As a community-supported reporter, I answer to you. Have a question about a certain topic? Tweet me and I'll find the answer. Think I overlooked a critical perspective in my last story? Send me an email about it.

Here's why I'm qualified to be your friendly neighborhood journalist. I have a decade of experience at magazines and newspapers, most recently six years at the Boulder Daily Camera. I know who the council members are, how they work, what they care about (and how that differs from what they say they care about).

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When I reach $5,000 per month, I will publish one in-depth article per month with photography or other complimentary media, either long-form narrative journalism or investigative pieces.

The good news: Only 715 monthly supporters are needed to reach this level of coverage!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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