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Ahhhh thank you!! You get my undying gratitude and also you get access to a monthly sketchblog with regular collections of all my art!

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Sketch Request Livestream!
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Thank you so much! You get to join me for the patron-only livestreams that I do 3-4 times a month and get me to sketch your requests!! A FUN TIME FOR EVERYONE! :D
You also get access to the patron blog. :>

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Character Q&A! (ON HIATUS)
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This tier is paused for now, and not taking questions! It's here so that if you want to pledge for a month and get access to the archives of past Runewriters Q&A's you can!!

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UPDATE 3/25: Patreon rewards are currently paused/inconsistent
due to some hand health iffiness!
I appreciate everyone's support! But I don't depend on this income to survive. There's a backlog of past rewards you can check out if you like, but feel free to wait to pledge until rewards are consistent again! 💖

Pledging to me on patreon is a way to support me as an artist while I explore ideas, and a way to be kept in the loop on what I'm up to with all my characters and other ridiculous nonsense I'm drawing when I'm not making tiny clothes for Tattered World! You can pledge here to see all my sketches and headcanons and characters and fandom stuff, and not just the stuff I remember to put on tumblr!

For now, while things are in chill mode, there's two tiers:

Tier One: Monthly Sketchblog!

For $1 a month you get access to a monthly sketchblog with regular collections of all my art! I also ramble a bit about whatever it is I'm into and drawing a lot of -- if you were curious what my RP characters / D&D characters / absurdly detailed AUs are up to and wanted to see just SO MANY pictures of them, bOY HAVE I GOT THE TIER FOR YOU!!

Tier Two: Patron Livestreams!

For $3 a month, you'll get to join in on patron-only livestreams that I do 3-4 times a month! Pop in for an hour or two and throw some sketch requests at me and I'll draw as many as I can! Also involves hanging out with me while I listen to video game music, which may or may not actually be a bonus. ITS FUN, COME JOIN US!!
Where to find me and my art:
Tumblr (I'm most active here!)
Twitter (For chattering and occasional art)
My Toyhou.se (BEHOLD.... MY OCs....)
Runewriters.com, (my webcomic! currently on hiatus)
Shazzbaa.com, my art and store and other stuff I've done!
$140 of $200 per month
ANOTHER WALLPAPER! If we hit $200 then in celebration I will make ANOTHER digital RW wallpaper for your computer/tablet/phone/etc. It'll be available to everyone!! But you guys here on the patreon will have to help me pick who's in it. :>
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