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Right now, I have about 56 API scripts in the official Roll20 repo.  I enjoy writing them and helping people support their games, especially systems that don't have as much of a popular following and wouldn't otherwise have someone writing custom scripts for them.  It is a lot of work and I always have a backlog of things I want to write.  

People have asked me how they can kick back to my work so I've created this patreon account.

If you use my scripts, want to contribute, and have the spare bucks to do so, go right ahead.  However, please don't feel like you must contribute just to use them!  I'd much rather have happy Roll20 users armed with my scripts than people not using them out of some sense of shame.  Use them and be happy, completely guilt-free!

Happy Rolling!
$153 of $200 per month
Sometimes the use of scripts are not completely obvious.  A video tutorial for them would really help I bet.  If I consistently hit this goal for 3 or more months, I'll make a video tutorial of one of my most popular scripts... and probably more!
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