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About The Feminist Agenda

It’s 2019. “Philanthropist” doesn’t have to mean “wealthy old businessman” anymore.

artists, teachers, nurses, techies, baristas, nannies, bartenders, trainers, cooks -- we’re the face of sustainable philanthropy. And we’re proving that it doesn’t take wealth to invest in what matters.

Donate $20 or more a month to {she crew}, and you'll become a sustaining member of The Feminist Agenda.

As a way of saying “thank you”, you’ll receive a monthly gift filled with {she crew} magic in your mailbox.
  • A piece of usable art or craft created and donated by a local artist
  • An original piece of {she crew} writing
  • {she crew}'s newsletter
  • The pleasure of knowing you are supporting adolescent girls and gender-expansive youth in Chicago!
Your sustained donation will help more girls and trans kids gain access to camaraderie, creativity, community, and most importantly: a platform to speak out on issues that matter to young people everywhere.

{she crew} is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides safe spaces and expressive platforms for adolescent girls and gender nonconforming youth in Chicago, through expressive writing, performance, communal cooking, and podcasting.

All revenue from The Feminist Agenda goes directly towards support for {she crew} programs. Email [email protected] with any questions.

{she crew}’s passionate community is comprised of social media followers and podcast listeners from around the world, in-person volunteers, families of {she crew} youth, and Chicago residents who are inspired by our work. Join us today!
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If we have enough subscribers to secure $1000 each month, we will be able to cover our supply costs for the year.
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