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Beneath the Mask
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Every dollar counts so this tier helps more than you probably might realize! Thank you so much for your support!

You receive access to my Patreon feed which includes:

  • Early Photo Previews and WIPS! See my cosplay photos before I post them to Social Media!
  • Early Updates and Plans on future Cosplay! Know who I'm going to cosplay before anyone else!
  • Curly Wig Information/reviews on each cosplay as well as info on where I ordered the wig from! 
  • Get The Look! Links to where I ordered everything for my cosplay and instructions on what I did to make them look how they do now!
The PhanSite!
per month

Thank you for believing in me and being a "Phan"! The rewards for this tier are:

  • Full Cosplay Gif Sets! Patreon Exclusive Gif Sets of select cosplay I create!
  • Anime/Movie Nights! Every once in a while we'll all spend time together watching our favorite content! Sometimes I'll switch it up and do a game night!
  • Access to the Shell Squad Discord! Let's chat together about various subjects in my discord! I also use this discord for Twitch so you will receive streaming updates as well!
  • Everything listed in the previous tier!
Includes Discord benefits
The Arcana Confidants
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Rank up!!! The bond of a confidant is super important! Thank you! 

You will receive: 

  • Video Access and/or Picture Processes of how I adjust my wigs/hair for my cosplay. Whenever I style a wig for my #CurlyCosplay I will add the walkthrough here exclusively!
  • Access to my Private Wig Archive on Pintrest with 500+ pictures! Every time I go to a beauty supply store or hunt for wigs online, I pin potential curly cosplay wigs as well as colorful wigs. I usually refer to this board while hunting for a wig for my upcoming cosplay and now you can too! Check the Wig Walkthroughs/Reviews to find it.
  • Tri-Monthly #CurlyCosplay Wig Search Help! Finding curly wigs for cosplay can be super hard. Once every three months I will try my best to help you find a wig for your #CurlyCosplay! If we can't find a wig I will at least try to find a solution for you to make it happen! You can stack this benefit but only make ONE help request a month after stacking. Email [email protected] with information and pictures of the character, hair color and curl pattern for the help!If you don't have a curl pattern in mind that's okay! Just email the character and color pictures and information. 
  • Everything listed in the previous tiers!
Includes Discord benefits




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Hello my name is Shell! I'm a cosplayer born in Brooklyn, New York that currently lives in Atlanta, GA. When I cosplay I try to imagine what the character would look like if they were me instead of cosplaying the character's actual attributes! Creating curly haired representation through my cosplay is my ultimate goal!

Ever need help finding Curly wigs for YOUR #CurlyCosplay? I know it's hard finding the perfect curly wig in different colors & styles so I'm here to help!!! Join the The Arcana Confidants or the FOR REAL?! tier for Curly Wig Finding Assistance!

Here you will also find awesome prints, stickers and videos of my cosplay! So if you're interested in learning exclusive information about my Curly Cosplay Wigs, Seeing video and/or pictures of hair/wig processes for each cosplay and receiving awesome print and sticker rewards, you've come to the right place!
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Having 30 Patreons will help me be able to increase the frequency I come out with new Curly Cosplay stickers for both my Patreon and Storenvy!
If I hold 30+ Patreons for a month I'll add a discount benifits for my store to each tier!
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