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About ShellyJo

Have you ever tried coloring as a way to relax or reduce anxiety?

Coloring has become a vital tool in Mindfulness sessions right along with exercise and breathing techniques.

Coloring a picture is a great way to be creative and stimulate the imagination.

Coloring a pattern helps the mind to focus which helps the body to relax.

Hi I'm Shelly from In 2015 I started drawing to reduce stress. I was introduce to abstract drawing by a friend who deeply cared about me. Her urgings started me on a path that continues to grow and develop to this day.

A few months after I started drawing - my daughter was introduced to coloring as part of her mindfulness program. However, her therapists were having a difficult time finding enough coloring pages for the task at hand. She would color through them too fast. They were either too simple or there wasn't enough variety. Keeping her in coloring pages was going to cost a fortune! 

So, after several talks with her doctors and therapists (about eight in total), we came up with a plan.

She needed a variety of coloring pages that included pictures, abstracts and repeating patterns. She needed challenges that would keep her focused and engaged.

I figured I could do that and it would help both of us at the same time.

Along the way I learned that people, of all ages, like to color.

More and more people are using coloring as a way to relax, for their mindfulness programs or just to be creative.

So I've made it my personal goal to keep you supplied with new patterns to color each and every month.

If you or someone you know can benefit from coloring please point them in my direction.

Here on my patreon page you'll find free coloring pages that come out every Friday. Follow me so you don't miss any new ones and book mark so you can find your way back.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 89 exclusive posts

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