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Shenanigans back again, and welcome to my Patreon page!

As you might already know, I have a number of online spaces where I create articles, videos, livestreams and bead art. While they're great and all, I'd like to provide higher quality content and much, much more.

So what's stopping you?
Oh, hey there. I didn't realize this was a Q&A thing, but I'll play along.

The truth is, I'm currently quite limited in the content I can provide right now. With your support, I can purchase better hardware and accessories (such as a quality camera and PC upgrades). This will allow me to stream and create videos for newer games, improve overall quality and create entirely new content (such as beadsprite and tabletop gaming videos) that isn't possible for me to do now.

That's it? You just need to upgrade your PC and get a camera?
No, but it's a small starting point and a fairly reasonable early goal. Ultimately, I'd love to be creating art and gaming content full-time (who wouldn't?), but that doesn't just happen overnight.

Ok, let's say you make your early goals. What can I expect from you (other than patron rewards)?
To start with, I'll add a webcam on gaming content so I can better express myself. Can you imagine my face when I get absolutely wrecked by RNG (which happens often)? Now you won't have to!

Additionally, I can expand my Twitch livestreams and YouTube channel to include beadsprite content. This is art created using fuse beads (sometimes called by the popular brand, Perlers) and works very well for creating pixel art in real life. While 2D pieces are more common, 3D pieces are also possible, often making them stylish and functional!

All fuse bead art on this page (not including posts) is shown for demonstration purposes only. They are not patron rewards, nor do they represent any rewards offered.

A quality camera would also allow me to make tabletop gaming content - wargaming battle reports, board & card game reviews, painting tutorials, terrain creation, live RPG sessions and more. Who knows, even vlogs and short comedy skits are a possibility!

Wait. You're into tabletop gaming too? That's not really represented in your current content.
I know, and I'd like to remedy that! In fact, I fancy myself as a bit of a game designer (and writer) as well as a player. For example, I already have four projects I've been working on:

  • an inexpensive fantasy battle game
  • a zombie-themed card game
  • a dungeon-crawling board game
  • an RPG system complete with a campaign setting, detailed adventures and novelized fiction!

I'd love for these to see public release some day (as well as other ideas), but I'm far from having the financing to complete and publish them. These are perhaps 'stretch goals' or better suited to another venue entirely, but I might as well lay my cards on the table (pun totally intended) while I have the opportunity!

What if I'm not interested in some of the rewards or goals?
Right now, I'm kind of playing it by ear. There's several forms of content and a variety of directions they could go in; I get that most people won't be interested in every aspect of what I offer. Maybe I can provide an alternative reward for an amount that suits what you prefer. I'm open to suggestions.

There's other ways to show your support for a particular aspect of what I offer, too. If you like beadsprites, consider ordering directly from my Etsy shop (I'm no stranger to custom orders). Share my videos and streams with your friends and on social media - that's sometimes even better than financial support!

Will you have higher patron reward tiers?
I have ideas for larger rewards and I can add new tiers if there's enough interest. Let's just see where this goes.

Shut up and take my money!
That's not really a question, but I'll answer it anyway. Yes and no (though not necessarily in that order). :~P
$45 of $50 per month

At only $50, I'll open a whitelisted Minecraft server for all patrons and selected regulars!
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