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Here you will learn fundamentals of what is often referred to as "The Lost Art".

In today's world, the majority of the original fighting arts have been lost. Modern influences such as the desire for fast rewards, the influence of competition, the need for commercial viability, the availability of guns and other forms of self-protection, and since the proliferation of communist regimes beginning in 1949, the prohibition of the fighting arts.

Yet these arts have immense benefit to the individual. Those who practice the art diligently will not only develop supreme fighting skills but will also attain great personal transformations. Transformations worthy of the effort required.

Yet most will not.

That is why we are making this available. Only a very few who take up the training will have what it takes to succeed in the art. 

To our dismay, we have never been able to predict who these few will be. Many times we have tried. Taking in a few dozen students we've often been highly confident in our predictions of who will succeed, yet every time we have been wrong. This is because the qualities that predict success are hidden deep inside of the individual's psyche. Only through action are they slowly exposed.

For this reason, and in order to preserve our art, we are providing the fundamentals to the public. In this way, those that have the necessary qualities will eventually show themselves. We have done this before, gaining three fantastic students out of 30,000 that began the course. We are quite happy with these numbers. Are you the 1 in 10,000?

The Lost Art

In our travels and research of our own art we have run into a few individuals who have seen what we do and referred to it as "The Lost Art". These have been Grand Masters of other systems who began their training as children in China long before the Communist regime outlawed the arts. Each of these well known martial artists remarked that they had seen the art practiced as children but never since. Believing it had long been lost.

Other mentions of portions of the art (It is made up of seven unique arts) in history books also state that the art has long been forgotten.

The art has not been forgotten. It is alive and well, but only among a few individuals.

So how was it preserved?

The Fallacy of High Moral Character and Martial Arts

Over the last several decades the idea that a practitioner of martial arts must also study philosophies advocating high moral character. That these two things are inextricably combined. This is simply not true.

This whitewashing of the arts has come from a few sources. Mostly originated in entertainment channels. Namely, the television series "Kung Fu" (1972) and the movie "The Karate Kid" (1984). 

After the Karate Kid movie parents around the world flocked to Karate schools. At that time these schools were rough and tumble dirty gyms frequented only by men whose primary ambition was to be better street fighters. The owners of these gyms quickly realized how lucrative this new wave could be. In short order, these dusty back ally gyms were transformed into clean modern facilities. The attire went from jeans and t-shirts to clean pressed white gi's. Trophies would soon line the walls.

While this is all fine and well, martial arts can, in fact, provide an excellent vehicle for personal transformation, the atmosphere did not bode well for the arts themselves. Techniques had to be modified for safety. The arts had to be toned down for presentation to children.

The Force

The original fighting arts can be thought of more like "The Force". It can be practiced and developed to a high degree by a Sith Lord and a Jedi alike. It is simply knowledge which is empowering. Empowering to the good and evil alike.

Although when the "Sith Lord" practices long enough, and in the right atmosphere, they are often transformed into "The Jedi".

Early on, my teacher was more like the Sith Lord than the Jedi.

The Dai Lo

At the turn of the 20th century there were many Chinese civilizations in the United States. These inhabitants were generally not afforded the rights of the white populations. They could be murdered, stolen from, beaten up, and all sorts of heinous acts carried out on them with little or no retribution to the perpetrator. They simply had no protection from the law.

So they had to take protection into their own hands.

Between 1900 and 1910 various martial arts masters were sent from China. These masters, referred to as Dai Lo's, began teaching the young men. Thes young men would then act as a vigilante force that protected the Chinese inhabitants.

However, it was not long before these vigilantes devolved into gangs. Instead of protecting, they claimed their turf and ran protection rackets. They were known as Tong.

It was among these Tong and Dai Lo that my teacher got his start.

The Villian

My teacher, Da' Shifu Al Moore, began his training under a Dai Lo in the city of Oakland California. This area was, and still is, known for it's illicit activities and violence. He was able to attend the training sessions because he was best friends with the grandson of the Dai Lo. Normally he would have not been admitted because of his age and his skin color. but somehow he was accepted.

Each day he would walk home from his training to his home in Emeryville. Emeryville was then known as the toughest town in America and this walk provided him with many opportunities to test out what he had learned. According to the stories, all it took to start a fight was to be walking on the same sidewalk. a simple meeting was grounds for a fight. So each day that is what he did. Learned a new technique and then tested its efficacy on some willing, but unfortunate participant on his way home.

Soon he gained a reputation as a villian. 

And certainly, his small stature (and big ears) afforded him many other opportunities.

After having bested many of the school football team in fights the football coach took the initiative to show this young man who was boss. This didn't turn out well for the coach. But it also ended young Al's welcome at the school.

Soon after he lied about his age and enlisted in the navy. He was soon sent off to war.

Training In China

After his stint as a gunners mate young Al made his way to China. Because of his connections to the Dai Lo and his already blossoming skills he was accepted as a student in what he described as being much like a college. He said there was a master for each of the seven beasts and after recognizing his skill each wanted to claim him as their student. He had the great fortune of learning all seven arts and then going on to attain the eight degree. The combination of all seven.

But soon Communism took over in China and in 1949 he had to leave.

The Streets

After his return from China he spent the 50's and the greater part of the 60's taking on just a few students here and there. He worked as an engineer, but despite his love for the arts, he could not seem to make a career out of it. and in fact, at that time, no one was.

In the early 70's martial arts schools began to boom. He was involved with a few of these schools, mostly Kempo, and eventually learned their teaching and marketing methods. He adapted them to his own art and opened up a school.

However, he did not do as the others. He did not teach children. His students did not wear white gi's. Black only. He did not have his students recite moral codes.

He was not interested in these things. He was only interested in making his students the best fighters on the street.

And he did. His students were feared. They fought regularly. going to bars for "practical application class". He had created more villians.

It was at the tail end of this era that I began to train with him. These villians, who I looked up to with so much respect, were my teachers. I learned their ways.

The Change

Later I was to train directly under him. I became his direct student. This was a great honor. One which also sprouted a great deal of jealousy from others.

Then it happened. This incredibly robust man had a heart attack. His many years of wild living had caught up to him. This would lead to a big change.

He was still an amazing fighter. This he proved to us daily. Despite his frail condition. However, he tamed his devil side. It was still there. Just controlled. 

His goals changed. The fight was still there but he taught humility. He taught being a good person. This was a radical change. And I was fortunate to be the one to absorb it.

He also began revealing more of the secrets of the art. He dived deeper into principle. He dived deeper into the beasts. 

For eight years I absorbed this daily. Watching not only what he taught but how he taught it.

Today I feel one of my greatest accomplishments is absorbing and then subsequently developing these teaching skills in myself. He had the magic of teaching. He could make light bulbs turn on in peoples head. I strived to develop these skills as well. Prior to his death he gave me one of the few compliments he ever gave. He publicly announced that out of all of his students, I taught the most like him.

Upon his deathbed on January 2, 2002, his last words stated that I was to continue the task. He said, "I will give Phil this job, and I will watch over him". Then he was gone.

And this I have strived to do ever since.

From The Dark

Just like each side of the Yin Yang symbol carries the seed of it's opposite, we recognize that we were birthed from the dark side. We recognize that to truly understand peace one must truly understand violence. We recognize that this wonderful art has the power to transform the individual into their best self and that by making these teachings available to those who would take them up, that we not only preserve the art and honor those who have preserved it before us, but we also do a great service to society as we do so.

We hope that you are one of those rare individuals who has the inner desire to take up its torch.

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