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Tshirts for Patrons!
$2,000 per month
When we hit $2000 per month, every current patron will get a custom T shirt designed and printed for Patrons only. Doesn't matter if you are pledging at $1 or $1000, you get some sweet gear baby!
Free Rebel Book!
$4,000 per month
When we hit $4000 per month, I'll send every current patron an ebook version of the never before seen AWAKEN THE REBEL book. The no BS guide to how to live life on YOUR TERMS.
Red Carpet Rebel Event!
$8,500 per month
When we hit $8500 per month, I will throw a bad ass red carpet event in LA in honor of the rebel patrons who have supported the movement to this point. This event will be the same weekend as Awaken The Rebel Live so that if you are flying out here you are able to capitalize on both events in one shot.
Rebel Pastor 5000
$10,000 per month
When we hit $10,000 per month, I will actively pursue a life long goal of mine to become an ordained pastor. When this happens I will happily marry my rebels (since rebels often don't officially have a church home since they don't dig religious organizations, bureaucracy, or hierarchy...but they are still very spiritual). My hope is to create a spiritual community outside of the traditional church that still meets the spiritual needs of the rebel community, while providing enough freedom, respect, and non judgement to feel like the type of support we all need.



SHEREEN THOR is the author of The Coolest Quote Book Eva and the Founder of Awaken The Rebel, a movement that helps people who feel disenchanted with their lives to stop settling for less and awaken their inner rebellious spirit so that they can live an extraordinary life by their design.

Born a creative type she learned early on in her traditional Egyptian upbringing that if she wasn’t a doctor, lawyer, or engineer than she would inevitably amount to nothing. In order to seem “normal” and keep everyone else happy she decided that she would forsake all her own desires to fulfill other people’s expectations. So she got a degree, landed a job, and found herself utterly miserable at the age of twenty-four.

Luckily one of her best friends suggested she go to a seminar where she was able to “Awaken her Inner Rebel,” and truly examine this life she had created. She decided to immediately quit her master’s degree program and start doing stand-up comedy. This was the official beginning of her writing her own Rebel Rule Book, and living life by her design.

She excelled in the world of stand up, and was scouted by MTV while performing at the Hollywood Improv. She was brought in to audition regularly for E!, MTV, and VH1. The truth of the matter was that as Shereen began to write her own rules, she realized that comedy was not the end all, be all for her. Instead of making people laugh, or talking about the latest celebrity mishap she felt most fulfilled when she was inspiring others to stop settling for less and live their own rebellious extraordinary life.

This was the beginning of the Awaken The Rebel movement. Shereen decided to continue to make people laugh while helping them to stop settling for less and awaken their inner rebellious spirit so that they can live an extraordinary life by their design. Shereen is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC, ELI-MP) by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC an ICF accredited school).

She hosted of The Shereen Show show on CSAT.TV, where she is featured as a life purpose expert and talk show host that helps people stop settling for less and live an extraordinary life. She has also been a host on the Oprah Winfrey Recap show onAfterbuzz TV, a network founded by Maria Menounos.

She is the creator of a live event series entitled Awaken The Rebel Live, where rebels from all walks of life come together in Los Angeles, California to write their own rules together and live an extraordinary life.

She lives in Santa Monica with her hot husband Kenny, her baby girl Maya, and her awesome dog Rambo. Her life is full of beautiful rebellion, and she hopes to help all those who encounter her to join the movement and have the same.

Shereen believes we are all rebels and thought leaders in our own right, and that we are all just waiting for our own opportunity to Awaken The Rebel.


Santa Monica, CA, USA

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To all my rebels, rule breakers, game changers, innovators and disrupters of society. I love you. 

No really. You are my faves. I see you as the MLK's the Maya Angelous, the inspiration, the hearts and souls of change for the better.

I founded a movement called AWAKEN THE REBEL & I've decided to use Patreon to move that mission forward.

I started this journey (of rebelling into the direction of my life purpose) as a stand up comedian, then moved into being a life coach & entrepreneur, but ultimately I don't want to define myself. 

I am a creator. I am a messenger. A connector. This movement has wings of its own and cannot be boxed in by labels, rules, or structures. 

So here's the deal...

I need your help.

I don't want this message to be perverted by the need to make money. I don't want it to get bought.

But in order to keep it pure, I need your help. That's just the truth. In order to create my live events, produce rebel content, or do ANY of these things it takes to move this mission forward it takes time and it costs money. 

So I am asking for support, for community, for allies, for rebels, for activists, for bad asses to come together and stand by me. 

My commitment to you is that I will always keep it real. Keep it raw. Say what others won't say. That this movement will have your back. Protect you when you are bullied. Support you when you feel alone, and have you in mind every step of the way. That is who I am. And that's what this movement is about. 

No facades, just realtalk. REAL connection.

I don't want to sell you anything. I don't want to convince you that you need something that I have to get to your next level. I just want to stand by your side and cheer you on, light your path, and have your back.

I believe our enemy is oppression in all forms which is why a percentage of the proceeds from this project will go to the International Justice Mission (IJM). 

This is a non profit organization that not only saves people from slavery and human sex trafficking, but they go in and change the laws of these countries so that these atrocities against members of our human race cannot be committed again...and if they do, they will not go unpunished. 

This is the mission that makes my soul sing.

Primarily in the past I have focused my work on life purpose, career fulfillment and entrepreneurship. My interest is to continue to support this rebel community in these ways, but ultimately I want to help us to all live the life of freedom we have always desired and dreamed of. We will collectively buck oppression wherever it shows up in our lives. 

Sometimes we are oppressed by a boss, sometimes by a toxic relationship, and sometimes by ourselves.

I say HELL NO to that. 

When it comes to freedom, I got your back. When it comes to empowerment, I got your back. When it comes to emotional health, I got your back. I got you. That is my promise to you. 

Yet I cannot do this without you. 

I remember what life was like for me before I went to my first seminar and gave myself permission to look within and realize the truth of me. It was sad, lonely, jaded, and hard. I didn't believe relationships could last. I didn't believe it was safe to love freely. I was always protecting myself from pain. And one thing I have learned is that when you close yourself off from pain, you also close yourself off from joy. 

I was numb. I was only a friggin' 20 something and I was numb. So many people of all ages are walking the planet like that and they don't deserve to be or feel oppressed when all that they need to set themselves free is within them.

I see myself not as an expert, but as a facilitator or a catalyst for progress, growth & freedom.

So you can see why I need your support. It's not enough for me to be free, I want to sing this message from the rooftops and support others in having their own awakenings. 

So help me baby. But feel no obligation, let this be support you give from your heart, from your soul, from your spirit because you believe that "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MLK

I believe you are the expert in your life. That you know what is right for you. I believe that you have a juicy little rebel inside of you that is wise beyond measure and that rebel sometimes just needs some support in coming out to play. 

I want to invite you to come out and play. To live. To breathe. To love. To create. And to run wild and free. 

I promise to do right by you. To support you. To be your ally. Your rebel friend. Your fire starter. I will honor your contribution and your involvement in this movement. I will listen to what it is that you want to get out of it all. I am a very good listener :)

You are very important to me as you are the fuel that lights the fire of this movement. You are the air that keeps that fire burning. Without you I cannot do this, and I see Patreon as the perfect community based fireburning platform to ignite us together.

If it calls to you, please become a patron and let's get this party started ;)

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