Sherele Moody

is creating A Memorial to Women and Children Lost to Violence (Australia)

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Become a valued sponsor of the Memorial to Women and Children Lost to Violence and The Australian Femicide & Child Death Map.

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Be a Sponsor Super Star

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Become a valued sponsor of the Memorial to Women and Children Lost to Violence and The Australian Femicide & Child Death Map. 




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About Sherele Moody

As an award-winning journalist, feminist and violence survivor, I am determined to us my talents, skills and experiences to reduce violence against women and children.
That's why I am building Australia's only online memorial to female and child murder victims. 
The Memorial to Women and Children Lost to Violence is hosted on the Facebook site of my unfunded anti-violence project The RED HEART Campaign.
The memorial highlights the impact of violence on our community, while giving Australians a permanent online space to commemorate those who deserved to live long and happy lives but were never given the chance. 
Most of those commemorated on the memorial, died at the hands of men known to them. It is a sad and shocking reminder of the toll gendered violence takes on our community.
For two years I have been compiling the memorial, gathering photographs and writing the stories of violence victims in my own time, doing the work around my job as a journalist based in Queensland.
While there are more than 1000 stories of lives lost on the site, this project is far from finished.
In order to create the most comprehensive record possible of the toll violence is taking in Australia, I spend hundreds of hours researching media reports and court archives each month as well as contacting family and friends of deceased women and children.
I believe the memorial cannot exist in a vacuum so I use its progress to inspire and motivate well-researched opinion articles I write for publication across News Ltd sites.
These highlight a range of issues including misogyny, sexism, toxic masculinity, rape culture and the reality of widespread gendered abuse.
I consider myself to be in a privileged position where I can research and publish articles questioning these issues and the acceptance of them.
These are just some examples of my work:
By becoming a sponsor of the memorial, you will allow me to dedicate more time to this vital project. I will be able to add more victims to the memorial and look to create a stand-alone fully searchable online archive to make it even more accessible to Australians.
I will also be able to add the "invisible" victims - that is the women and children who we cannot identify for legal or cultural reasons or for whom we have very little information. 
Please take the time to consider supporting this project - it may be the one thing that turns the tide on violence against women and children in Australia.
$50.38 of $1,000 per month
When I reach $1000 a month I will begin building a specific online fully searchable memorial. This means you will be able to search women and children lost to violence by region, name, year and perpertrator. 
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