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Welcome to The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Podcast - a show devoted to revisiting and honoring the world's greatest portrayal of the world's greatest detective.

From 1984 to 1994, Granada Television produced what is arguably the best (and most complete) depiction of the legendary detective’s Adventures, Memoirs, Case-Books and many Returns. Spanning 36 episodes and 5 movies, producer Michael Cox created a Sherlockian experience like no other. This podcast will examine that timeless series with a specific eye on Jeremy Brett in the role he was destined to immortalize.
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Reaching this goal, we will begin adding additional content - special episodes (audio as well as video) exclusively for our Patreon supporters.  Some of the content we are planning will be book reviews (which Brett-related Sherlock Holmes books are worth the purchase... and which are lackluster?), video comparisons between the different regional releases of the series on DVD/Bluray/Digital,  Patreon community participation shows (AMAs, FAQs, and conversations with listeners), and more...! 

As always, thank you for listening - and thank you for your support!

-Gus & Luke
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