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About Shibden After Dark

If you’re here, you already know. This show. tHiS sHoW. THIS SHOW.

In case any of you are just joining us: Gentleman Jack is a TV show written by Sally Wainwright & starring Suranne Jones & Sophie Rundle. It tells the tale of a remarkable real person – the diarist, the, lesbian, the legend – Anne Lister, a 19th century woman who had a knack for journaling her every move & wanted to find a companion to settle down with and play a little backgammon. Except Big Anne, in all her 1830s glory, wanted to do that with a woman. Enter Little Ann Walker & let the lesbian drama commence!

Two hundred years after Anne Lister lived, a couple of homos on opposite sides of the country both fell in love with her through the magic of this show. When all the episodes had aired & the time had come where it was socially appropriate for us to STOP waxing poetic about Gentleman Jack – about the cinematography, the costumes, the dialogue, the ACTING – we couldn’t. We tried, but we actually could not. So instead of continuing to blather on to our respective wives about Anne Lister’s thermometer, Anne Lister’s badassery, or that praise-be-to-whatever-diety-you-believe-in Hilltop Scene, we decided to make a podcast. And though our episodes keep getting longer and longer – there’s apparently no limit to our ability to break down every scene in excruciating detail and extrapolate from the Ann(e)s’ relationship the Gay Pain in our own lives – everyone who’s listened to the podcast so far tells us that it’s actually pretty good.

So alas, I guess we’ll keep talking as long as you keep listening.
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At $250 per month, we will be providing you guys with glorious scene breakdowns complete with GIFs, diary posts that break down minute details of Anne Lister's life, opinions, and occasionally her bowel movements, and much more. Our Patreons get access to all of this amazing bonus material plus any goodies (videos? pictures? notes from our recaps?) and extras that we throw out there.
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