Ray Shimko

is creating free videos and articles about technology and Linux.
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About Ray Shimko

If I am getting straight to the point here's what I produce:

  • Shickmo Show - The show will be rather dynamic and include hardware reviews, interviews with awesome open source projects, Linux, and general technology topics.
  • Live Events - A few months ago I gave a talk at LinuxFest Northwest, part 1 / part 2, and it was a fantastic time for both me and everyone who attended. I would definitely love to go back again and to speak at other events to interact with as many of my supporters as I can.
  • Shickmo.io - Website where I will be writing articles about all of the above and even more technology topics. One of the first posts I plan to write is an every person's guide to cutting the cord, how to do it, what you should consider, and most importantly how simple it can be.
All of the above is provided 100% free of charge and with no strings attached.

This is all made possible by people just like you contributing just a few bucks. Every single one of you that becomes a patron is saying yes to the content I make and yes to me sallying forth on this journey.

This is the beginning and over time things will change, with your support I will upgrade equipment, travel to more events, and get even better at producing this content. Did I mention this will all be done from top to bottom using nothing but Linux.....yeah that's a thing folks.

Also another thing if you the delightful patrons would like an audio podcast rss doohickey please let me know and I will be happy to get to work setting that up for you.

Now go forth -- be merry -- and most importantly enjoy!
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Upgrading equipment (mics, lighting, cameras, etc.), building out the studio space, and live event recordings. This will also go towards travel expenses for speaking engagements including future Linuxfest Northwest's and beyond.
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