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By pledging at least $5/month you are my Hero for your Support! And Heroes should be rewarded! You will receive a discount code for 10% off on my Etsy shop, which will give you anywhere from $5-$50 off depending on what you use it on. You'll also receive one of my Sleeper Soldier Journals after 9 months at the Hero Tier. 
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Sleeper Soldier Tier! After 3 months of this Tier you will receive your Red Sleeper Soldier book. It has a black star on the cover and contains secret information and reports inside. Along with the Trigger words to activate your sleeper soldier assassin in both Russian and English. 
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Silver Age Tier! After 11 months of this Tier you will receive your WWII heater shield replica prop. Includes USO tour note cards on the back in case you need to sell any defense bonds. Remember! Every bond you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your Best guy's Gun! 





If you're finding me on here for the first time or through any of my social media pages Thank You so much for your interest in my work! My name is Casey, and I'm an independent artist and prop maker out of Kansas City who travels year round across the US to various Comic cons (primarily Wizard World shows) holding workshops and panels on creating your own Pop culture art using sculpting, molding & casting, or other methods of fabrication to hand make your own creations from the Fandoms we all love. I'm a Geek at heart, and am living my dream job to be able to create 3 dimensional interactive art from the Fantasy characters and worlds I've enjoyed from comics, games, and movies. 

I don't believe in getting Something for Nothing. I believe if you want to support me as an artist and creator, then you can commission me to make something for you. In-between the Comic cons scheduled out on my Calendar I take orders through my Etsy shop. I do this to share what I love to make with others, but it also helps support me as an artist. I've been asked many times if I take payments, but through Etsy that is not an option for me so...
Here we are with Patreon! By becoming a patron here you will not only get a Hardy "Thank You" from me, but you Will get something in return for your support. 

You'll find the different Patron tiers set up on my page will allow you to support me at a rate that isn't overwhelming to your wallet. After a set amount of time supporting at set tear you will receive your personally made Prop! After that point I'll encourage you to no longer support my Patreon, unless you want to receive More of my work. I will not accept support from you without giving you something in return. 

As an added Benefit to supporting me on Patreon the price of the prop you are supporting me towards making will be discounted. Of course through Patreon you will be paying in less over a longer time. If you'd like to order something directly through my Etsy shop the listings there will be slightly more, but for paying a premium price you will be getting it much sooner. (to order directly) 

Thank you So much for any interest and Support in what I do! It truly means Everything to get to share what I enjoy so much with so many fellow fans! I look forward to making something Awesome just for You!

Best Regards,
-Casey M.
a.k.a. Shield Labs (@shield_labs on Instagram)
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I hope to reach 50 patrons in order to fund “build” instructional videos, and prop making tutorials.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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