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• First-look at upcoming features, concept art, and more!

• 30-day premium token each month**

• 250 premium currency each month**

**These will be awarded retroactively once the site is live for the public!

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About Shifted

Shifted is an upcoming browser-based virtual world and social community for players to explore and enjoy. We’re currently in early development as we build our public prototype! This Patreon is a way for people to support our development and help with our operating expenses.

Some of our planned site features include:

A virtual world with areas to visit, characters to meet, random events, item shops, holiday events, and more!
An integrated forum for community discussion and interaction where players can talk, trade, and gain gold (the in-game currency) as they post.
A custom avatar creator! Players can create and customize their character with body shapes, heads, facial features, limbs, and plenty of clothing options to showcase their personal style.

(Concept art - final version pending)
User generated content. Players can upload their own items in .SVG format for our team to review. If the item doesn't break any rules (those being our site rules and any copyright or trademark infringements), it'll be available for them to show off on their character and can even be sold to other users!
And much more! We’ve got more plans for Shifted, some of which are already revealed on our public roadmap. We’re keeping some secrets while we work on the details, but we'll have more to reveal down the road!

Contributors are welcome to work with us to help build the site and gain some experience, and we have a dedicated core team steering the course of the project.

Interested in becoming a contributor? Please join our Discord server and let us know! We'll be happy to speak with you. You can find our Discord here:

Lead Designer and Project Manager
Bat has worked in the games industry over the past several years in development and support in both lead and junior roles.

His focus will be managing the team and its priorities, managing the company (with finances, legalities, administration, and so on), graphic design, web design, marketing, and anything else Shifted might need.

Lead Developer and Head of Operations
Kihari founded the art website Weasyl, where he worked alongside Bat and Nexy during their time on the project. The early version of Weasyl's backend was built almost entirely by him and has grown into its current version over the years.

Kihari will be focused on the site's backend development and building the site for future-proofing/scaling with security in mind.

Lead Writer
Xarrin is a fiction writer with years of experience publishing stories in print and online.

He’ll be working with Bat to help establish Shifted’s worldbuilding, story, and lore. He’ll also be focused on helping us personalize the game's flavor text and quest dialogue to sound great and be engaging for the players.

Lead Community Manager and Social Media Manager
Nexy has worked extensively in sales, marketing, advertising, and social media management. He’s managed large communities on various websites over the past 15 years with experience in web administration, graphic design, SEO, and more.

Nexy will be managing our marketing strategies and coordinating with the team for any promotional campaigns to help grow the community. He’ll also be leading our communications through social media and lending an additional hand wherever needed.

Sin Muffins
Lead Artist
Sin is our lead artist! She’s hard at work creating concepts and designs to establish Shifted's overall art style, theme, and design.

You're probably wondering by now what you'll get in return for your support, aside from our wholehearted appreciation and a huge thank you from all of us!

We’re planning to add a Premium role with specific benefits which won’t detract from a standard player’s experience on Shifted. The last thing we want is for anyone to feel like they need to pay to get the whole experience. Premium benefits are just our way of saying thank you for your support.

Premium subscribers will get the following for each month they subscribe:
• 250 premium currency (Approximately a $2.50 USD value) which can be spent on holiday reward items from past events or UGC (user generated content) tokens to create their own custom items.
30-day Premium Token which can be redeemed whenever the player wants!

What does Premium give a user?
Access to a Premium forum section (as long as the player’s Premium is active) where players can chat privately with other Premium users. Premium players will also have the first chance to provide feedback to the team on potential Shifted features before the rest of the playerbase.
Premium forum post flair and a badge to show off your support for Shifted with an eye-catching post border!
More to come! We hope to be able to offer more benefits in the future and would be interested to hear what other benefits our players might want. Feel free to let us know!

All of these Premium benefits will be rewarded retroactively. If you were to subscribe right now and it took five months for Shifted to become available, you would then receive all five months worth of Premium benefits to your account. Please make sure to sign up for Shifted using the same email address you use for your Patreon so we can verify it’s really you!

Currently, all of the funding we receive from our lovely supporters is going back into the website to pay for our operating and business costs. We plan to be transparent with our earnings to our users so they can see that their support is going where they believe it should.

Ideally, working on Shifted full time would be a dream come true. We know that's not feasible right now, and quitting our day jobs to work on it would be an incredible challenge.

If we manage to make an excess of money (which would be one year of operating and business cost expenses + an additional 25%, calculated quarterly), we could look into paying our team and having our time dedicated to Shifted’s development and design.

We have a public roadmap available to see our development progress on our currently announced features. We’ll be updating this regularly to reflect our progress and status as time goes on.

Click here to view our Public Roadmap!
$9.02 of $500 per month
If we reach this goal we can spend more of our time focused on Shifted per month instead of as a part-time hobby!

We will make more frequent news posts if we reach this tier and use this money to pay our contributors to try and complete more parts of the game in a timely manner.
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