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About Shift+F1

Hi there speedy race car fans!

We're Shift+F1, a podcast about the wonderful world of Formula 1 racing. Since 2014 we have researched, recorded, edited, and hosted this podcast in our spare time, for the love of the sport and the incredible community that listens every episode.

The three of us have busy day jobs but this Patreon helps us dedicate specific out-of-work hours to Shift+F1 while helping us cover hosting and equipment costs. In return we're going to publish patron-only bonus episodes on our favorite motorsport movies, primers for various other racing disciplines and more. You get access to all those in the $5 Paddock Pass, but you're free to pledge as much or as little as you want.

If you spring for the $10 Media Pass, you'll get access to bonus video bits including track-walks, let's plays, ill-advised taste tests, and more.

Both tiers also get access to our patron-only Discord server, where the F1 discussion and meme-sharing never sleeps.

We're excited to build a small community of dedicated fans here on Patreon and look forward to watching it evolve based on your feedback. So if you've enjoyed our podcast and fancy chipping in a few bucks to help us do even more fun stuff, please consider becoming a patron.

Thanks so much. We'll see you in the paddock!

- Danny, Drew, & Rob
1,000 - reached! patrons
How about a little get together? If we hit 1,000 Patrons we'll throw a special live-streamed community party during a non-race weekend. A celebration of speedy race cars and the community we've built here on Patreon.
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