Jason Shiga is creating
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He has no limits. He does not.

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Currently, Demon updates 5 days a week at shigabooks.com. If I can get my patreon level up to $1,700, I should be able to turn down future contract work, focus on Demon full time and update 7 days a week.

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My name is Jason Shiga. I'm most well known for my interactive comic Meanwhile.

I've been making comics for over 15 years in a variety of formats ranging from strips to minicomics to graphic novels. I'm known for incorporating puzzles, mazes, mathematics and unconventional narrative techniques into the physical format of the books themselves. Titles include Fleep, Bookhunter and Empire State.

I'm currently creating my most ambitious project to date, the webcomic Demon, a 21 issue, 720 page sci-fi epic available free every day at www.shigabooks.com. Feel free to start from the beginning of the story by clicking here.

I'm printing up booklets to run concurrently with the online comic. Each one is riso printed in 2 colors, signed, and runs about 2 months ahead of the online comic. The booklets will sell for $10 at your local comic shop but because we're bypassing armies of retailers, publishers, printers and distributors, you can order a subscription directly from me by donating at the $5 level.

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