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    1. Early PDFs of my posted material, complete with artwork and special fonts. 

    2. You can submit a name of your choice—your own, if you wish!—that I will fictionalize in a future resource, whether you want to be a Deadlands gunsmith, a Toreador neonate, or a crazed Cthulhu cultist, etc! 

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    Shipwreck Library produces original material to use in horror-based role-playing games, including:

    Deadlands 1876

    A unique, Civil-War setting for Savage Worlds' Deadlands, a steampunk game of the Weird West. I am currently playing this campaign, so new material is guaranteed throughout the next few years. 

    New York By Night

    A detailed and morally complex campaign setting for White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. This lived online from 1995-2005, and is in the process of being reborn on Shipwreck Library. I am about halfway through my revisions, and more will follow over the next two years. 

    Call of Cthulhu
    Various resources and settings for role-playing in Chaosium's world of H.P. Lovecraft. While I am currently working on a massive campaign I hope to be published, I plan to place many scenario notes and enhancements online, including a massively-expanded version of Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37

    This Patron page is designed to support  Shipwreck Library, which remains the main source of my gaming material. Also, please note, writing is not a full-time job. Some months I will post a lot, but other months—particularly in the autumn—I am too busy to write much gaming material. While I really appreciate any support, I cannot guarantee a consistent stream of new material. Take a look at my "What's New?" feed on Shipwreck Library, and you should get a clear idea of my general pace.

    Thank you!

    --Great Quail

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