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About shirosaidev

To the Shirosaidev fans & fellow hackers,

Firstly, we'd like to thank you for stopping by and being a friend to our little software projects! We are a very small independent software development business working on open-source software.

So here we are, hat in hand, asking for your support and help. We have created this Patreon page, in hopes that your support will allow us to continue creating software.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for stopping by, and supporting these projects. Our only wish, is to continue developing great software that doesn't cost you a ton to use.

DISKOVER - Storage Search Engine and Analytics

diskover is software designed to visualize and manage the files on your storage servers. diskover was built to help figure out the questions of what is using all my disk space?.. How do I manage the data on all my heterogeneous storage systems?

These question have kept us up at night for more years than we care to count. So we started doing research, soaking up all of the information we could on the subject of file systems and data science and everything that came with it. Around 5 years ago we started coding diskover, in hopes of sharing our project with anyone in the open source community.

For too long storage companies have kept IT in the dark. It's been in their best interest to hide what data lives on your storage, unknown unstructured data was the path to riches for them. We are hoping to change that with diskover, to bring light to that darkness.

To learn more about diskover and to download, please visit the Github page.

For businesses interested in diskover enterprise version, please visit to learn more.

Screenshots of diskover-web (v1) app

To see other software by shirosaidev, please visit our GitHub page:

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