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I'm a software developer and music composer working in hardcore retro styles, such as games and music for actual computers and game consoles of 80s and 90s. Some of my creations are:

  • Music tools, such as trackers and VSTi plugins
  • Retro game development tools
  • Games and demoscene productions for many 8-bit and 16-bit platforms
  • Emulators of obscure old hardware, such as Soviet computers and arcades
  • Chiptune, video game, synth and other kinds of low tech music, including toy synthesizers, unusual synthesis, 1-bit, floppies, and such
  • Electronics/embedded development sometimes, involving Arudinos and other MCUs
  • A bit of handcrafting
  • Related in-depth articles and stuff

While all of this is simply my hobby, and it gets released for free under the most permissive licenses such as CC-BY or PD, I'm putting enormous amounts of time and effort into making all of this, so it feels even more demanding than an actual day job. In fact it detracts me from the latter quite a lot. I have to balance the things out, but hobby and arts always were on top of my priorities, even though it often goes in trade for the material well-being.

Besides the time, some things require money to obtain various pricey stuff, but considering the above, I rarely can afford it. Believe or not, in all these years of doing retro console development, and dozens of games released, I still don't own a NES, or Genesis, or a Flash cartridge for any system, or a ZX Spectrum, or almost anything you would expect me to have.

Thus I'm setting up alternative ways to support me for those who enjoy (or benefits from) my releases, in trade for insight on what is going on or coming up, and early access to the releases itself.

Find out more there:

Soundcloud #1:
Soundcloud #2:

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