SPB Botmin is creating ShitpostBot 5000

$1 /mo
You will gain access to a feed of patreon-only shitposts. An entire additional feed of randomly generated memes, for only $1 a month.

$2.50 /mo
All previous tiers + I'll give you a shoutout on a pinned post on the page.

$5 /mo
All previous tiers + You get exclusive features and abilities on the ShitpostHuman 5000 discord server

$7 /mo
All previous tiers + You can request to add your own technobabble words to the site.
Technobabble is the sentences that appear on the 404 page and the top of every page.

$10 /mo
All previous tiers + you can feel safe knowing that you have donated an even number. Nothing can hurt you now. You are safe.