Shitty Mashups

is creating a podcast based around the lowest form of music: Mashups

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Because of the nature of this podcast we aren't able to accept money in exchange for... pretty much anything relating to it. If you subscribe to us on Patreon we consider it a donation, and thank you very much from the bottom of the single heart the 3 of us share in our horrible shambling body.
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About Shitty Mashups

A Music Podcast For People Who Hate Music

Three boys living out a thousand lifetimes in the top secret Music Research Facility in the center of the earth. The goal? To create the worst music of all time. The materials? The entirety of recorded music up to this point in time. Ian and Ryan are the researchers that must follow the guidelines set out by the god-king challenge master Shane.

We can't make this clear enough, by contributing money to this Patreon you are not paying for music, you are donating to our cause. Nothing is being exchanged for money, this is purely a donation.

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