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About Shivana Sookdeo


I'm Shivana Sookdeo.

I'm a cartoonist and designer making everything from middle grade graphic novels to minicomics about mental health. I also design graphic novels for kids' publishing. Currently, I'm working on my first published graphic novel, my second pitch, and several other small press projects!

Okay. So I might love comics a bit too much.

But the hustle isn't always easy. That's where Patreon comes in. Patreon allows me to spend less time on side gigs and more time on my main career! Funds from your patronage go directly towards the necessary maintenance behind the curtain for every artist: everything from production costs to medical bills to groceries. Your support gives me the breathing room to keep going.

Patrons will have access to my ongoing Patreon-exclusive journal comics for only $2 a month! I'm a biographer at heart. My journal comics always come in color and tackle a whole range of subjects from idle thoughts to introspection to mundane, everyday horrors. 

Your card will be charged at the beginning of the month, and patrons can cancel at any time! With your help, my nefarious agenda of making great comics and uplifting other people of color in the industry will continue unimpeded. I can't thank you enough!

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