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Hey! Thanks! Do you feel that? That warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest? That's my gratitude. Let it wash over you. <3 

You get my silly-sexy thank-you video and access to my patrons-only blog and Discord channels!

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The first step into the magical world of Shodan! Access to my NSFW blog feed and Discord channels!

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 The first content tier! Access to my main HD cosplay set release for the month. A great way to dip your toes in to see how you like my waters before taking a dive into the deeper tiers. :P 

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About Shodan

HENLO! My name is Shodan, and I am a professional hot nerd. I am a cosplayer with a million side hustles - modeling, drawing, painting, dancing, designing, making + selling buttons, slinging coffee, and shitposting. You may know me from my appearances around the Internet for the last 8 or so years, or perhaps from my time around various social scenes in San Francisco. Maybe this is the first time you've seen my work, or the hundred millionth! Either way..... hi. Welcome. :D
I am on Patreon to MAKE BEAUTIFUL COSPLAY CONTENT. It's not enough for me to make cosplays - I LOVE making photosets! Coming up with a narrative, finding the perfect location, lingerie, lighting.... I love it. For me, making sets is just as much a part of cosplaying as taping up my titties and pulling on a wig. I love my work, and I hope you will too. <3 
I have been on Patreon since early 2016, and my work has grown in leaps and bounds. I'm totally self-sufficient now, and Patreon has given me the resources to make *more* and better content than ever before. I used to put out maybe three to four sets a year, now I put out four sets a MONTH! I used to make janky cosplays out of thrift store clothes and cheap wigs, now I make armor and beautifully detailed sewing projects. I can do all the cosplays I've always dreamed about and POUR my love for them into making the cosplay and the sets. My nerdy dreams come true!



  • SO MANY PICTURES! Access to all content for the month(s) you pledge! A new set EVERY SUNDAY! Three professional sets and a selfie set each month. Sometimes it's videos! Sets usually have 20-60 photos EACH. That's a LOT of pictures of me. o_o
  • NUDES! Yes, there is FULL FRONTAL NUDITY on my Patreon. Gasp. Scandalous. ;3
  • COSPLAYS! You'll know what I'm working on and what I'm planning before anyone else does. You may even get to advise on what project I do next :o
  • TEXT! Convention reports, photoshoot reports, cosplay project write-ups, how-tos and vivid descriptions of how exactly I ended up with contact cement between my toes. Y'know, usual cosplayer stuff.
  • Comics! My hand-drawn comics about my life, updated about once per week. I have been told that they are funny; I invite you to decide for yourself.
  • MAIL! A print of the month plus one of a kind instax ERRY MONTH. For higher tier patrons, MULTIPLE instax and original drawings every month! 

Why You Should Pledge:
Without Patreon, I would not be able to cosplay, and that would be THE SADDEST THING. Cosplay is my LIFE! 

With your help, I can do the following:
- Build bigger, better, and MORE cosplays
- Pay photographers to take amazing photos, shared only with you
- Rent only the best locations, to make for EPIC sets!
- Branch out and experiment with new materials, new media, and new projects. I'm talking latex, lights, armor, leather.... I want to learn to do ALL THE THINGS.
- Go to more conventions, near and far

Do you know how cool this is?
I can't even begin to tell you how much joy this place, and these people, bring to my life. I love cosplaying, I love doing shoots, and I love that YOU make it happen!

I don't just want a quick handout so I can go do my macaroni art in the corner by myself. I want to talk to you, share with you, geek out with you. I want to be able to share my excitement and passion with youuuuu!

My patrons are my posse, the cool in-the-know Elite Few who know about everything I do before the thousands of followers on my public profiles have any idea. They are the coolest dudes, dudettes and dudeutrals and I cannot thank them enough ;w; 

78% complete
This will be all of my basic living expenses, *paid*. Even just that will put me so far ahead of where I am now. This may even allow me to travel a couple of times a year to other photographers and models to shoot better content for you, or rent out fantastic locations nearby! 
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