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For those who wish to support Shoegazing and help it being able to continue to produce great content.

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For those who wish to support Shoegazing, and hope for a bright future for the blog, events, contests, podcast and so on.

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About Shoegazing


My name is Jesper Ingevaldsson, I run the blog Shoegazing, which is one of the largest blogs in the world on classic men's shoes. Started in Swedish in 2012, with an English page added in 2015. The aim is to educate people about classic, welted shoes and have them understand the craftsmanship, materials and benefits in terms of durability and sustainability. It’s been growing to something I could never have imagined, both in terms of readers on the blog (around 35 000 to date on .com and .se), but also with the annual super trunk show events I host in London and Stockholm, world championships contests in shoemaking, shoe shining and shoe patina, the newly started Shoegazing Podcast, Instagram page with 100 000+ followers, and so on.

The purpose of this Patreon page is not to offer exclusive stuff to those who can pay the most - I will always keep the blog and all my content, contests and events open for everyone - but rather a channel where those who can and want to support my work with Shoegazing have the possibility to do so, and with this make it possible for me to provide better content.

What I wish to use potential income from here towards is being able to meet more people from the shoe world, visit more workshops and factories, to be able to do more articles for the blog and record new podcasts interviews. All income will go straight to Shoegazing content production. Since a year back I work 20% with Shoegazing, which means that I have to take out salary, limiting my resources to travel like I have been before, but wish to continue to do and preferably expand. Today the main income for Shoegazing is banner advertisement, I never have any paid content. 

If you appreciate the blog, podcast, Instagram, events and contests that Shoegazing is behind, and feel that you have the possibility to support it, your contribution would be much, much appreciated! Oh, and all of you who contribute, will get to be part of selecting which travels and places/makers/factories to visit for reports.

Best, Jesper Ingevaldsson

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