Shoo Rayner is creating stories, illustrations and books for children

Coffee Break

$3 /mo
  • Get insights, out-takes, extra images and exclusive, behind the scenes videos
  • Plus, you'll get a pdf copy of my book, Everyone Can Draw ready to download...

Holiday Special

$5 /mo
  • All Previous Rewards.
  • Summer and winter, I'll send you a limited edition, hand-written postcard: "Wishing you were here" and  "Seasons's Greetings!"

Coffee and a Slice of Cake

$10 /mo
  • All Previous Rewards.
  • Plus... summer and winter, as wells the postcards, I will send you another exclusive extra - a poster, a mini book, stickers - who knows - as long as it fits...

Book Club

$15 /mo
  • All Previous Rewards.
  • Plus... summer and winter, along with the rewards above, I will send signed copies of books I have recently published, plus posters and any promotional mater...