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About Laura Presley

Grandma Adelaide hung herself from the magnolia branch outside Nikki's window. She dragged the three-step ladder from the shed, knotted the rope from Nikki's childhood tire swing into a thick, ugly necklace. Hummed to herself as she worked, the way she always had. When she finished, she curled her toes one more time - took a breath - and stepped down.

And while Nikki slept away the tequila, her dreams sweaty and tense, Grandma's body made slow, silent turns. Her fingers stretched patiently towards the cool, wet grass.

I am a published horror author working on my first anthology of short stories, tentatively titled Leave the Lights On. During the editing process, I am completing a novella / novel length project, Three of Swords (werewolves, anyone?). This project funds my ability to dedicate full work days to writing.

My patrons are charged monthly, not per project. Some months, this means near everyday updates -- other months, it's bare bones. As such, I've started pledges as low as $1/month.

If you'd prefer to just fund my caffeine addiction, please feel free to buy me a coffee instead.

My work has previously appeared in Scholastic's Young Artists AnthologyShimmer Magazine, is forthcoming from CLASH Media, and in 2015 I was the winner of David Wellington's Fear Project, an honor that put me in touch with a major publishing agent. I'm also a quiet member of the Great Lakes Horror Writing Association

If you're not yet familiar with my writing - and I have no reason to imagine you should be - I've included a sample here, as previously published for the Fear Project. If you want to know my author icons and idols, they include Ray Bradbury, Joe Hill, Shirley Jackson. Caitlin R. Kiernan. Dennis Lehane. Mentioning Stephen King seems redundant, but leaving him out would be blasphemous.

There are many faces to the monsters you'll meet in my writing, but they certainly have common names -- loss. Regret. Rage. Vengeance. You might even glimpse yourself a time or two.

Why monthly pledges are invaluable: I know. Writing sounds easy -- as the saying goes, you just sit down [at the keyboard] and bleed. Hypothetically, you can write anywhere. In a pinch, you can write on yourself. 

The pay scale for short stories spans a wide, strange scale: anywhere from a contributor's copy (sweet, but not terribly practical in the long-term, unless you want a convenient way to wave your ego in your friend's faces) to a flat $10/story, to the (best case), per-word reward of around .10/word. Long before you reap any of the rewards, you can expect an average of three months of suspenseful silence waiting for someone to unearth your labor of love from their e-mail inbox, often followed by polite no-thank-yous. Simultaneous submissions are frequently frowned upon, meaning one story might take a year to rehome... all for the previously mentioned $10, and the relief of hearing "yes". 

But this project specifically is even more challenging: in order to maintain my publication rights, these stories will need to remain unpublished until I am prepared to publish them together. That means absolutely no financial gain, save what my patrons - you - are so graciously offering. With every penny, you allow me to justify prioritizing a story's completion versus some other daily task. 

Know that your contributions will directly assist me with this project. In the fanciest cases, you will be affording me the ability to upgrade my tools, attend writing workshops and conventions, and pursue all my options for publishing/promotion. Previous months on Patreon have funded my first zine-style stories distributed within my community, literary magazine subscriptions, and (as of 2020) my first author table at a local convention. Because I'm a realist, I'll also be candid and thank you for the fact that other months, you'll be affording me the luxury of liquid fabric softener. In both cases, I'll be sharing what the team made happen.

Long-term, I am hoping to bridge the gap between hobby writing and building (dare I say it) a career, and can't imagine a better way than with such an interactive platform. You'll be able to keep up with my reading list, track my progress - holding me accountable means more stories for everyone!

Anyway -- let's be friends. They say the darkness is less scary with friends.

$29.25 of $150 per month

Writing full time is still a distant dream, but having the time to make it a viable part-time job's equivalent would be invaluable. If I reach this goal I will be able to spare a week per month from my other jobs to write, and write alone, without guilt or other obligation. This money also allows me to splurge on author tables, promotional materials, and -- yes, I'll say it -- new books.
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