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You're helping support Shotgun Shuffle! And for that, you won't get just a mere "Thank you." I'll give you one of those across-the-room glances where I nod approvingly..

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You'll also get access to my Patreon-exclusive blog. This will be where I break down the creation and intent of each strip along with some incoherent ramblings. I'll post some upcoming character sk...

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All Patreon-exclusive blogging included with this.
I'll also enter you in a monthly drawing for original Shotgun Shuffle drawings and character sketches. I'll pick three drawings a month to send...

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Wow, we're like getting into BFFs4ev territory now.
Patreon blog, plus a weight of three (3) entries into the monthly art drawing. Your chances of winning are getting better...

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If you're paying me $25 a month, you're reaching some crazy levels of awesome, my friend.
You'll also get a weight of ten (10) entries into the monthly art drawing.

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Patreon blog
Patreon-exclusive comics
A weight of ten (10) entries into the monthly art drawing.

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Wow, you are totally a geek for this comic. You made Pumpkin proud.

So here's what I'm gonna do.....