CVW-69 Honeybadgers

is creating a place for donations towards their DCS Server
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1x Guaranteed slot on all future missions with air frame.

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You are able to have access to SLmod on the DCS server, this enables you to control the map and various other items on the server.  *If abused, this can be revoked at anytime without refund.  This will also result in a ban from our Discord and Server*




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About CVW-69 Honeybadgers

Welcome to CVW-69 "Honeybadgers" we are a digital combat simulator group that primarily uses the Hoggit Servers to fly on.  We do, however have our own discord, website, and multiplayer server on the open beta branch.  This patreon is in support of one of our members who pays for the multiplayer server to try and help him with the overhead of the costs to run the server.  

The actual server is a dedicated server so it is used for other games / applications the squadron uses as well.  If you are interested in joining our group please join our discord as this is the best way to get flying and attempt to join our group.

You may also take a look at our website, however we do not use this as a primary communication with our members.
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60.00$ is roughly what is costs to run the DCS server since it needs something dedicated.  Shots started the server and while he claims to not require assistance, we would like to assist in helping him pay for the server since we use it for our missions and other games / applications.
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