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* See finished pages before everyone else!

* NEW: For every prize draw round,  1 Spot at random will be entered into the bust sketch draw!

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* If you win the prize draw, your sketch will be in colour! Some fancy flats for you just to spruce it up




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About Shaz 'Shrimp' Mohseni

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My name is Shaz and I'm an animation graduate and art hobbyist from the UK. I work part time in the animation industry, and spend most of my free time doodling and working on personal projects. My main inspirations include anime/manga, retro gaming and 2D animation. I really want to be able to go full-time with my art, so that's why I decided to set up a patreon. 

RikDik is about a little dik-dik with dreams far too tall for him. He wants his comic to be awesome and aspires to be the best main character but it seems the world (and the writer) may be against him.

This comic is a personal endeavor as I take a step towards my ambition of being a professional comic artist. Though somewhat basic and flawed in many ways, I am glad to finally have a long-term project to pour myself into and I hope that it can interest you in one way or another.

Read It Here!

Why Patreon?
My goal has always been to somehow be able to live off of my artwork. Drawing is hugely important to me, but it sucks having to cover bills with other jobs all the time. 

For the comic, each page takes about a week and uses time that I could otherwise be using for commissions or other paid work. My dream is to see it printed one day, and the extra support from patreon would help me with print costs and the upfront fees of attending events in the UK and elsewhere. 

I am currently suffering from a long-term RSI condition in my wrist, which is very painful and limits the time I can be drawing and working on my comic. I'm going through treatment options for this, but its very unlikely there is a definite cure. The medication is expensive, so any extra income I can get is very valuable right now. 

Just to clarify,  I am certainly NOT charging for my art. It is my hobby and my passion and I dont expect to be paid to do something I love at home. However, I do not want to sacrifice my drawing because of money problems, and a bit of help would really take the pressure off. Any donation is entirely voluntary; only donate if you are able and wish to see more in my gallery over time~

Donations will go directly towards:
  • Wrist medication
  • Booking into future con events (in the UK)
  • Helping afford prints/books etc that will be for sale online and at said events.
  • Allowing me to allocate more time for streams, new paintings, comic page updates, etc (instead of commissions all week)

The comic is still free to read! Anything you donate is just that, a donation~

Current Goals:

  • Update the comic atleast twice a month
  • Refine RIKDIK character designs and create proper reference sheets
  • Stream regularly
  • Create new prints for con events
  • New original RIKDIK artwork as well as comic pages

Patreon Reward FAQs:

  • When will I be charged?
You will be charged per webtoon update! This means you donate for every 2 comic pages. As I upload the pages one by one on here, only one of the posts will be a paid-for post.

  • Why not monthly?
My wrist and current work schedule mean that sometimes I must take short breaks to catch up or work on other things, so I don't want to take donations during a month when I am unable to update the comic. Therefore it's much better for you to pledge per update, as you are guaranteed to receive content for your generous patronage! 

  • Doesn't that mean I'll get charged twice per month?
Yes, I try to update my comic twice a month, so you will be charged twice. However, during months when there will be only one update, or no updates at all (working on other material for the comic instead) you'll be charged less or maybe won't even pay a penny! So it evens out. 

  • Will I be entered into the prize draws if you have not updated this month?
No. For the prize draws to be active, I must have updated the comic atleast once that month, and you must have been charged for atleast one update during the month to be entered in that month's draw. This may sound mean, but if I am not updating the comic at all that month, there is probably a reason (life troubles, etc), so the rewards will go on hold as well. I will provide rewards only in months when I have charged patrons. Obviously things like the activity feed will stay available regardless of how often the comic is updated. Thanks for understanding!

  • What are the rules for the commission prizes?
No extreme content, such as excessive gore, violence, graphic nudity, hate art, etc etc. Some level of this is fine by me, but try to keep it tame. Generally, I have the right to decline any commission idea, but if this happens I will try to suggest another option for the winner. Visual refs MUST be provided for characters, and changes to the finished commission will only be made if I've made a mistake, so please be as clear as possible and let me know any important details you want included! (If you forgot to tell me something, that is not my mistake, etc). Finished images will be posted to my online accounts. Full res files will be sent to the winners!

Thanks for your support!
Updates will be posted on Instagram, dA, FA, tumblr and facebook! Follow me there to keep up to date (see links above).

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
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