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About Shrinky Frod

Greetings, everybody! If you've found this page, it's probably through my fan work on If not, now you know the dark secret hinted at by my avatar; I write fan fiction, and a lot of it in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. I may spread out a bit more over time, maybe go back to some old series, but that's where most of my fan work is these days.

However, I also have original work... or, at least, ideas for it. I've gotten one short story published in an anthology, and would like to try working on more. Most of my work - fan or otherwise - tends to be in the surprisingly intertwined fields of mysteries, horror, and romance. There's also a smattering of true crime in there, but that will be fairly rare.

Unfortunately, there are two things it's difficult to write without:

1: Time
2: Internet service to enable publishing.

Sadly, the solution to 1 (work as a dedicated author) is detrimental to 2 (which requires money!) So I'm hoping to find a few people willing to kick in to make it possible for me to start writing more regularly. If you like my style, or even just think some of my ideas are worth supporting, then please take a look around here and decide if you're willing to support my work.

If you do, who knows? You just might end up helping create something magical.

Or horrifying. Probably somewhere in between.

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