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Sad Gurl Cadet Kelly
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✿ I will send thankful energy your way every month!

✿ I will follow you on socials so I can keep up with ya!

Bad Gurl Corporal Kelly
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Cadet Kelly perks PLUS: 

✿ Access to Discord for things like monthly album listening kickbacks!

✿ Shoutouts on future releases!

Rad Gurl Sergeant Kelly
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Previous Kelly perks PLUS: 

✿ I will cover a song of your choice each month! 




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About Shunkan

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my Patreon page! I appreciate you checking it out.

As you most likely understand, it can be tough to make money off of music. My music is on torrent sites and streaming royalties are dismal. Even with physical goods, you need to fund them outright and these costs add up.

I really dig the concept of supporting creators directly, so I've decided to create a Patreon! This money will fund things like music production, music videos, merch, travel costs, touring, accommodations, and maybe a meal or two. ;)

Feel free to check out all of the tiers and statuses available! Thank you for the support!