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Those of us that were JWs have folded thousands of tracts showing paradise and the pandas in the illustration.  You may not make it to paradise, but you don't have to miss out on the pandas.  And just like you, this panda is a fan of the Shunned Podcast, wearing it's own Shunned t-shirt.  Get your own panda by subscribing at this level and help support the show.  (United States subscribers only, available to international subscribers with additional shipping costs to be determined IF you wish to follow through and receive a panda.)  

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Join me and other listeners for an online meeting monthly where we can discuss whatever we like for an hour.  Topics will be suggested if needed but it will be conversation in an online Zoom video chat room.  (You will also receive the Shunned Panda if desired.)




The practice of shunning is used to silence people, to keep their stories hidden in the dark, to invalidate them and what they have to say.  It is time that they are heard.  I love helping people to tell their life stories and how they ended up as one of the "shunned" among us.  I am among the shunned myself, having been shunned by everyone I knew for leaving the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses. 

I have listeners that have encouraged me to give them a way to give to the cause.  I spend my time and effort and even my own money to do this podcast.  There are expenses associated with recording and hosting a podcast.  Prior to launching this Patreon page I handled all of that, and I will continue to do so even if not one person gives because this is too important.  I never want to be one of those people that threatens to shut down a podcast if people don't donate to the cause.  This isn't what I do for a living, though it would be amazing.  It is an expense on my personal budget every month, but it also gives so much back to me through meeting these people and experiencing their stories with them.

Not everyone can tell their story or wants to, but anyone can participate by helping to defray costs and time spent on this project.  I love it when people participate in any way, whether a note of encouragement through email on my website, a response to a post that I make when a new episode comes out, and when someone puts their time and money into helping out through becoming a patreon of the show.  When someone shares the show, or even when someone just listens and I see that x amount of people downloaded the podcast, it makes me happy because I know that I'm putting something worthwhile into the world.  

So if you can help in any way, know that it is tremendously valued down to the smallest detail.  It is so encouraging to get participating of any kind as this isn't always an easy project to do and I'm human and I can get discouraged too.  Thank you so much. - Mike
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