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Hey there potential patron and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Siactro (well, my developer name) and I've been developing games for more than ten years now, including commercial releases on Xbox 360, and of course computer games!
Currently I learn about games at Cologne Game Lab and work on them when I'm at home.
My projects span various themes, ranging from nostalgic retro games over to crazy experimental stuff where I just try out new interesting ideas. Up to this day, my work has always been independent, so I am not financially supported by a publisher. The projects I create are usually short entertaining experiences, surely due to the fact that I'm mostly a one-man-studio, but also to get all these ideas out of my head!
If I had to choose a guideline, it would probably be “Gameplay first!“ I love trying out interesting mechanics – Let the gameplay tell the story!

So why do I need your help?

The answer is: Making games is expensive, more than evident at first glance.

Even though I do most of the work by myself in my spare time, I still end up with a lot of invisible costs that just add up over time; things like food, rent, internet, a computer that's remotely up-to-date so it doesn't crash when I open up a game engine...
Also there's some stuff I just can't do myself, like music and occasionally additional arts, done by other creative people that of course want and should be paid for their efforts, just like me. ;)
Additionally, I cannot work on my games while I am at my day job to cover these costs. Your support enables me to spend more time on game-making and less on worries over expenses. Games will be done quicker!
Sadly I had to find out that having debts doesn't help with going into business. I went to private art school and paid faaaaar too much money, just to end up having even less time to still learn everything by myself. If I may give you any advise, please inform yourself about the education you're about to purchase so you don't need to end up like me, okay? :)

My wish is being able to live solely from the games I make, but until then I need your help to have the means to make my games as good as they need and deserve to be!
Not convinced yet? Check out my games and decide for yourself on!

Oh, and if you can't or just don't want to donate anything: that's fine! If you still like to support me, just play my games and show them to friends that might enjoy them, too.
Thanks so much for reading this massive amount of begging, if you did - you probably did if you are here – and have fun playing!

$9 of $10 per month
I can afford better music for my games so they will finally sound as amazing as they should!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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