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Fabulous! You like what I do and you show it. I salute you! 

You are helping independent film creation. How cool is that!

As a thank you for becoming my patron, I treat you to exclusive early access 2 days before everybody else to all the new "video sketches" from the editing room. Welcome onboard!

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Great news! You get an exclusive, patrons-only monthly visual note (photo, drawing, video or anything in between) from me to keep you up to date about the work. 

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You're inspired to get your own project going? Choose one of the Creative Journey tiers!

Grab a notebook and follow along with three journalling questions every month to tickle your inspiration. 

I used to be a journal-sceptic, wondering what good could come out of me jotting down words. Until I practiced it regularly and realised that journalling is a tool that can prompt surprising insights and helps access ideas we didn't even know we had. And it can be an incredibly fun activity to do.

I select the questions carefully to help you on your  journey of discovery. They come straight out of my own experience of working in different creative forms and are designed to be applicable and practical for your creative journey. Be inspired!


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I love films that deal with some of life's big issues in a warm-hearted way:
Passion for what we do with our life.
Compassion with others.
The question of how to deal with the inevitable challenges and with the breathtaking beauty in life's small moments.

Films that make you stop and admire the little things or pause and reflect on the big picture.

I believe that it is important to search for how things can go right.
I love creating works that inspire and uplift us to be happier and more fulfilled human beings, in a kinder society for everyone.
The films I love to make are about happiness and how to find it.

I want my films to inspire you. To provide a new story, one that can be the first of many, one that we would like to live and tell.


I am currently editing my new documentary Beyond The Personal (Κάτι Υπερβατικό), the story of how world-class musicians from very different countries and cultural backgrounds connect through their creative collaboration, build an artistic network that is more effective than UN peace initiatives and inspire audiences worldwide. It sounds like a fairtytale, but it's actually happening and I am so happy I have met the people who are portrayed in the film and get to bring their work and its inspiration to you.

Beyond The Personal is a documentary project in two parts: a feature-length film and an interactive online documentary. Right now, we are editing the feature length version of Beyond The Personal and you can join us as we shape the film, and then plan out the interactive version. In the Memebership Tiers look out for the "Cinephil" options which let you focus on the filmmaking process: you get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, in-depth material about the topic, learn about our creative tools and how I work with the team, bonus material and early releases if you decide to become a patron.

But there is more!

I know that many of you are also creative and connect with this aspect of my work, and I would like to share my experience in working in various creative forms with you.


I write. I have published two collections of short stories, academic texts and newspaper articles. These days, I concertrate my writing efforts on screenwriting and blogging. The Happy Filmmaker blog explores the various parts of the filmmaking life under the aspect of happiness and mindfulness.

Filmmaking can be a highly competitive, stressful field of work. Ironically, it is populated by people who initially have all the sensitivity, thoughfulness and vision to make it a haven of happiness - until they get bogged down by the mechanics of finances, logistics and strategies. The Happy Filmmaker is a guide on how to reverse these effects. I chronicle my own approach, and while it starts from a filmmaking perspective, its topics and discoveries are applicable to many aspects of the creative life - and of life in general.

And because life in general goes along winding and interesting routes, there is also a budding new blog project I have in the wings:
The Incidental Zarb - an innocently bystanding filmmaker's random adventures in learning to play the Persian percussion instrument tombak - or zarb.

Visual Art (with and without camera)

It started as a kind of journal. Some of the blog posts originated from a photograph. They were private musings and reflections - but somehow struck a cord and have become very popular among friends and social media followers.

I guess that is because I try to accompany even the most challenging reflections with a sense of humour, healing and relief, looking for the silver lining in everything. I believe our world needs a lot of healing - and even more humour! Pretty much all of my art is based on this idea - even though most of the time you might not even notice. With the photo reflection nuggets, I am planning to work in that direction.

If you visit the Membership Tiers section, you will find some rewards that incorporate this, namely the "Creative Journey" tiers which will use these techniques as a start off point for your own exploration.

Which leads us to my newest offer:

Creative Coaching: Direct Your Life

I love helping people live a creative and happy life.
I make films about that.
I write about that.
I explore all of its aspects and share the best tools and tips with you in the Happy Filmmaker blog, as a compass and roadmap for the more challenging stretches of the creative journey so you can join me on this adventure.

Because I get asked often for tips about this, and because I noticed that some of the tools and experiences I share open up new horizons for the people who asked, I decided to try out something new: a taylor-made creative coaching.
Because I am a film director, I call it Direct Your Life.

This is what it is aimed at: to put you in the director's chair for your own life and help you make the director's decisions for the movie you want to live.

Maybe you are curious about prompts for a creative life.
Maybe you would like to join a monthly creative jam session in which I lead you through gentle nudges and tips towards creating your own work of art.

If you become a patron, you can help me create this program, and as the first audience, you will roadtest selected elements in the "Creative Journey" tiers: choose from monthly creative photo prompts, video calls and tutorials.


During my own search for inspiration and guidance about the various aspects of the creative life - from love to finances - I have found so much wisdom in the teachings of others that I want to present them in a series of interviews for you. The easiest and most accessible way to do this is a podcast and with enough support and interest in these topics, The Happy Filmmaker podcast shall be created in the not too distant future.

Gallery & Creative Space creation

Another new project is the creation of a physical space to bring artists and arts together. In a way, I am continuing an idea by my late mum here whose dream it was to create an artist's haven in her chosen home in Greece. A virtual place for this already exists. The actual physical space is in planning and as a patron you will be contributing to it - and depending on where you are, can benefit from it as well.

The practical aspect of things

Thank you for coming over to my Patreon page and checking it out.
It's completely up to you if you want to become a patron or not, but I sincerely appreciate everyone who does.

Patreon will handle the whole business side for us. Subscribing either with your Paypal account or your credit card you can be sure that your payments will be secure and are protected against fraud. You can cancel anytime. Of course I hope you will find being my patron so rewarding that you won't, but if for whatever reason you don't want to continue your patronage, the transactional side is really easy.

While you are a patron, you will have access to all the exclusive content that you find in the member's area as soon as you subscribe.

So let's get started...

Next step: check out the Membership Tiers by clicking on the big red Become a Patron button and choose the tier that sounds most exciting to you!

I wish you lots of fun on this journey with me and am looking forward to our time together.

With warm regards,
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If we reach $2000 per month, you will have contributed to a premiere date for Beyond the Personal (Κάτι Υπερβατικό) that is about 5 times earlier than at present. Fancy that!

How is that possible? Because it allows me to free up considerable time from other productions and focus exclusively on the post-production of Beyond the Personal.
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