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When you become a Super Catdog Uber Fan, you literally are helping me creative my music. In this modern streaming age, there really isn't many ways for artists to afford to create and release music as much as they'd like. 

That is why supporting me on here, is only for those who want a closer, more involved relationship with my journey. 

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About Si Connelly

It all starts with a spark. A single split-second of accidental nothings that suddenly turn into something pretty special. These sparks help create the music, which (with your help) creates, whole landscapes of electric moments during my live shows. 

Growing with my audience is at the heart of my whole thing. When a live performance is at it's most intense it's because of a true connection between me and my audience.
My Patreon page here is a way to continue that connection throughout every step of the journey. From new recordings, ideas, music, videos, books and extra content, there is so much more to get involved with. Patreon is a perfect way to encourage this connection. 
There are many options here to get involved and connect. I'm so excited to build this with you. 


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