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Adventures in Social Media
per story or chapter
Early access to my writing before it's published elsewhere.

Unlike free samples which will be of any length, the paid writing posts will be 1000 words minimum (as measured by my own word processor).

Rewards allows early access before these chapters are compiled and published for sale elsewhere in their entirety.

Patrons may also submit writing prompts.

Patrons at this or any level will also receive a mention on the "thanks" page on my website,

Bad Translator
per story or chapter
I will run excerpts of my writing through assorted translation software and back to English again--because I have a weird sense of humor--and read the results in a "reaction video" format.

These videos will be posted in the form of "unlisted" videos from my channel Side Quest Publications as early access.... videos will officially be listed on my YouTube channel a month after they are posted here.

Includes all lower-tier rewards.

Drawing Practice--Video Process
per story or chapter
In which I will record the process of drawing an image of my choosing and post the results.

Some videos may include a graphics pad that uses real paper, allowing me to show a side-by-side comparison at the end of both the paper version and the digital version of the same drawing.

Images drawn will be selected by me... may include suggestions from patrons.

Videos will be "listed" on my YouTube channel Side Quest Publications a month after they show up here.

Includes all lower-tier rewards.




per story or chapter


I began writing for enjoyment when I was 8.
I began writing with an eye towards publishing when I was 18.
I participated in, and won, my first NaNoWriMo when I was 28.
I hope to be published before I'm 38.
Self-published totally counts. ;)

For me, being a published author has always been the big goal, but I've been a longtime fan of video games and went to college for a computer science degree precisely because I wanted to get into game design.
Fast forward past four degrees, the beginnings of a student loan, and an ongoing job search, and my career goals have shifted to web design and learning more about social media.

Your support will help me reach my goals much sooner. And the sooner I reach those goals, the sooner I can Pay It Forward and give back to the community.
My current Patreon profile and rewards are built around writing fiction, while my milestones are based on paying off my student loan with whatever I have left after providing those rewards.

Some few pieces of my fanfiction and certain gaming videos might be posted here (for free), and plenty of it is readily available (also for free) on other sites like or my YouTube channel(s). Some of my original writing and writing-centric videos will be posted here (for patrons) before it's made available anywhere else.
If you enjoy my work and would like to see more of the original writing, please consider becoming a patron.

Pledge amounts are currently asked on a per-piece basis.
Between my current job and the search for another, I may not be producing regular work for my patrons just yet. Asking for per-piece donations should cost those patrons far less than a per-month basis. I expect to change this when I am able to churn out my chapters more frequently.

Planned rewards include signed copies of my original work, either upon professional publication or after reaching the milestone to cover self-printing costs. And of course those rewards that should really be available for once-off donations if and when Patreon implements that as an easy option.

Ambitious rewards that I would love to add include visiting Comic con and asking the guests questions posed by my patrons, or simply visiting and taking video anywhere that the patrons suggest (e.g. recording good motorcycle roads in a patron's neighborhood).
These, naturally, will require pledges that are quite high, and the "travel"-based rewards will likely only occur once my student loan is paid up. And this is not to say that I expect to add these, only that I'd like to... but dare to dream, no? ;)

Suggest other rewards as you see fit.
$0 of $25 per story or chapter
I start funding other patreons, plain and simple. Also kickstarters, gofundmes, and other such sites.

(I'm actually pledging before reaching this goal, this is just included for the sake of the milestones.)
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