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About Sid Garza-Hillman

Hi and thanks for checking out my Patreon page. A little about me:

I've written a couple books: Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto & Raising Healthy Parents: Small Steps, Less Stress, and a Thriving Family.

I recorded 222 episodes of my first podcast (Approaching the Natural Podcast) before shutting that baby down (ALL episodes are still up on iTunes and at BUT!!! I launched a new podcast in July 2018 called What Sid Thinks...check it!

I WAS an avid YouTuber but recently switched to Vimeo. Still posting and Videos are on my site...

Run a kick-ass program that teaches people my approach to long-term health and happiness (

I work and I work hard. And...I've got a brand new podcast out and want your support.

I'm keeping this simple--just three levels, but your support is the real deal. It's about you putting a little dough toward something of value. Unless you're my mom who's just throwing me some dough cuz I'm her favorite child.

Well, this 'about' section just went a bit off the rails, so just thanks for doing what you can to keep me doing what I do, dig?
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When I reach 500 patrons, I'll start inviting you all on to be interviewed on my new podcast (as you'll hear, this is totally in line with the theme of the new show!).
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