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is creating writings and artwork about witchcraft and nature
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About Sidney Eileen

Who I am:
I am a self-taught artist, seamstress, writer, and teacher, specializing in witchcraft, realistic artwork, minimalist artwork, knotwork, calligraphy, corsetry, costuming, and embroidery. I am also a non-binary, asexual, animistic, polytheist witch. I acknowledge divinity and unique natures in not just the gods, but in all manner of ephemeral and supernatural beings, spirits, living beings, and the souls that embody the physical objects and spaces around us. My practice is lifelong and of an intuitive nature, seeking fulfillment through mutable asymmetrical balance. My perspective as a witch and an artist influences everything I do.

My Creative Path:
Severe chronic illness completely derailed my creative efforts for many years, but I am delighted to be slowly returning to activities that nurture my soul, even if that creation is not as prolific or as consistent as I would like. I invite you to join me on that journey, to enjoy with me those occasions when I can create new drawings or paintings, get sneak peaks on writing projects, and provide input on what subjects I write about. Because of ongoing chronic symptoms I can’t promise a great deal of content or great frequency, but I can promise that I will keep you informed of all my creative activities as they happen, and treasure your support.

Most of my focus is currently on writing, and I am creating sketches and artwork as my symptoms allow. I am the author of The Balancing Path on, where I am writing about my perspective on all things witchcraft, but especially non-binary practice. I am currently working on a book about my experiences with my family, why I have cut them completely out of my life, and why you also are also valid in removing any toxic people from yours. When that is finished, I plan to write a book about non-binary witchcraft. I am also very slowly working on creating my own tarot deck.

Prior to 2012 I had an independent business creating art and bespoke corsets. I photo documented most of my projects and wrote a number of tutorials showing other people how to do the things I did, all of which are still available on my website. In the future, and with your help and support, I hope to return to detailed photo documentation, and expand into video documentation. I will share happily share any such documentation, as I create it, as patron-only content, because it can take me significant time to edit and fully prepare that content for my website.

At present I am not able to consistently perform the tasks needed to operate a business, so none of my artwork, past or current, is available for sale, and I am not taking commissions. I still love sharing what I do, and sharing online is the best way I have of doing that. I also enjoy teaching and presenting at conventions and other locations as my health allows, and will let you know in advance if I have any scheduled events.

If you are interested in reading more about my creative history, the best place to visit is my website,, where I have shared and archived my work since 2006. You can also find me on various social media platforms.

Thank you for joining me on my creative journey!
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After I have a few patrons, I want to turn that around and patronize more of the artists and creators I admire who are are on this site.  We all benefit when we support each other.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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