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About Rudy Marchant

Greetings! I'm Rudy. Some call me a Sierra super fan, others call me nuts. Both are true - and required - to create the ultimate Sierra On-Line fan site: the Sierra Chest.

A few words about Sierra On-Line

To "older" gamers, Sierra is mostly known for games such as King's Quest, Space Quest, Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry and others. They basically invented the adventure game genre and were technologically way ahead of the curve. Sierra also owned other studios such as Dynamix (Tribes, Red Baron,...), Coktel Vision (Gobliiins,...) , Impressions (Lords of the Realm, Caesar,...), Papyrus Group (Nascar Racing,...) and others, offering a vast variety of award-winning games and other software for all ages and tastes. Yes, in their glory days, Sierra was the undisputed leader of the computer gaming industry.

Sadly, after founders Ken and Roberta Williams retired and a number of corporate missteps (some more questionable than others), Sierra met its untimely demise as a developer in 1999, ending up in the hands of Vivendi as a brand name for games who's development was mostly outsourced. Younger gamers may therefore recognize the Sierra name from games like F.E.A.R.,  Chronicles of Riddick, World In Conflict or Crash Bandicoot. Eventually, after the merger of Vivendi with Activision in 2009, also Sierra's name was tucked away in the proverbial basement.
In September 2014 however, following a string of fan remakes, indie games and crowdfunding projects by former Sierra employees and fans, Activision brought Sierra BACK, and is developing new titles as we speak!

Introducing the Sierra Chest

Many Sierra fan sites have popped up and faded away over the years. Those that are still active to this day all have some kind of niche, such as a particular game or game series or developer. One fan site however has committed itself to preserve the Sierra legacy in its entirety: The Sierra Chest, created by yours truly in 2008.

What is the scope of this thing, really? The Chest covers everything from Mystery House (1980) to the upcoming King's Quest (expected fall 2015), as well as everything beyond and in between.  That would roughly be around 1,000 Sierra products of all genres, spanning over 3 decades! Does Sierra even have that many products?! Yes, it does, and too many have been under-appreciated or forgotten, so the Chest finally gives them the attention they deserve, and I'm not talking about a few lines of text and one screenshot per product here - I mean detail! Recording video walkthroughs only scratches the surface. There are screenshots, text walkthroughs, point lists, game credits, game play instructions, sound tracks, demos, wall papers, Easter eggs, cheats (for those who need them), trailers, tech support, box arts, game maps and more. But hey, talk is cheap, so have a look at some examples:
But that is not all. Honoring the Sierra legacy means the Chest does not only cover the products - those games didn't make themselves. Although these sections still require tons of work, the site will also cover Sierra's history, the technology, the designers, the publications and more.

The community

The Sierra Chest is also highly active in the gaming community, keeping fans continuously informed about the latest developments in the world of Sierra. Over the years I created a wide network with people from Sierra, Dynamix, Impressions, and other developers who are more than happy to share their experiences with the fans. Why don't you come over and say hello at the Sierra Chest or Sierra Gamers?

The Chest also collaborates with or supports a whole range of Sierra-related projects and other fan sites, including Sierra Gamers, the Art of Sierra, the Sierra Help Pages, Phoenix Online Studios, Guys from Andromeda, Hero-U, and others.

Sierra Chest 2: Legacy of the Half-Dome

Since the Sierra Chest is the very first site I built (with some help), and it hasn't had significant changes in its interface since its inception in 2008, it quite frankly looks like it belongs in the nineties. That's why the design of "Sierra Chest 2: Legacy of the Half-Dome" is currently in progress. Sierra Chest 2, expected to be launched in the Spring/Summer this year will feature:
  • brand new modernized interface
  • better userfriendliness and accessibility through mobile phones and tablets
  • expanded databases for even more detail
  • new features, mostly focused on the community, including forum, news blog, member contributions (screen shots, box art, game reviews added by members), a store to facilitate auction listings, and even a feature for members to compose their own virtual collection

Ken Sent Me

With all that said, who am I really? In a nutshell, I'm a Sierra fan for nearly 3 decades (since King's Quest IV), as well as a collector, historian and curator - all that grew over the years to the point of the Sierra junky I am today. I became heavily involved in the Sierra community since 2003 on the former official Sierra forums, where I was appointed as moderator in 2006 (hence also my interest in the later games). I had already planned for years to set up a massive fan site but, when the official Sierra forums were shut down and all support was dropped, that was the impetus to launch it in 2008.

In 2010 I also became admin of Sierra Gamers, the personal Sierra site of founders Ken and Roberta Williams, whom I had the pleasure to meet on one of their European trips (I live in tiny Slovenia). Through my active involvement with the Sierra community as a whole and by running both the Sierra Chest and Sierra Gamers community, I guess I've somewhat become the face of it and gained the rep of "super fan".

Why a Patreon account?

The Sierra Chest has probably already grown into the largest Sierra fan site in existence with over 500 game entries, 2,000 people profiles, 15,000 screenshots, 1,500 self-made videos, 2,000 songs, and more, but the site is still FAR from complete. This is continuous work and, roughly estimated, it would still take over 2 decades to complete it, full time. The Sierra Chest is my life project. It is my dream to turn this passion into a full-time occupation. If you enjoy my work, then with your support, I can make this dream come true, and show you the world of Sierra in a way you’ve never seen before.

I am still working on the rewards to offer you as a Patron, particularly since several will be applicable to Sierra Chest version 2 which is still under development. For now, the rewards mostly relate to early access, listing in the site credits and voting on the site's next entree. Note that, while my personal collection is quite extensive, I do not own all Sierra titles yet, but in the event a title is selected which I do not own, I'll try to obtain it asap.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With this I can start expanding the collection again for more site goodies. Thank you very much for your support and for believing in my project!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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