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By giving the show $1 a month you're telling Eddie and me you're serious about this shit. And we should be too. You'll get access to our private Patron wall and feed where you can chat with other Sifters too.
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By giving the show $2 a <g>month</g> you're telling all those losers giving just $1 that you are TWICE as cool as them. And that's something you can be proud about. With $2 you'll get access to our private Patron wall and feed where you can chat with other Sifters.
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Alright, you're in the big leagues now. Those other Patrons giving $1 and $2, that's basically first base. A hand shake. You're now at under-the-shirt-over-the-bra territory and I'm getting hard just writing this. Besides getting access to our private feed, once a month we'll give you a fat shout out on the show, and say whatever you want. Even the N-Word*!!

*Terms and conditions apply to the N-Word. You're insane, of course I won't say the N-Word.



About Save It for the Show

Hi friends. This is Dan Fields, host and creator of 'Save It For the Show', which very well may be your favorite podcast on the internet. Or maybe top 3 at least?

Either way, you're here because each week you enjoy listening to my co-host Eddie Galindo and I share stories, tell jokes, make each other laugh...and make you laugh too. *rimshot*

The truth is the show doesn't need much money to survive. So why do a Patreon you're asking yourself? Well, why not. Aside from the few hundred dollars a year in hosting, website shit, equipment etc. we don't need much money. Paying for that would be cool.

Another thing this campaign will support - merch and shirts. We had a very successful t-shirt campaign. But it was a one-time thing. So I'd really like to have the resources to have an all the time store, with more than soft goods, but also hard goods (don't be gross) like mugs, buttons, stickers, etc. And not just stuff with our logo on it, but 'classic' jokes and bits from the show like real treats, goats, is that weirds, the couch I had sex with, etc. Also more money could upgrade our equipment, making for a better sounding show. Maybe even to pay for an editor so I can focus on doing the show and writing material, and not as much behind the scenes stuff.

The point is with some money each month Eddie and I will be able to put more time and effort into doing the show, and won't have to seek sponsors or ads. 

Also, if you're a fan of the show, you know I do everything honest and up front. And I take risks, try new things, etc. So for people who give us money, you're really part of the show. Part of the family. So I'll bring you more into the circle, look for your advice, etc. And if this campaigns shits itself out, so be it. But if we can scratch together some dough, we'll continue doing even cooler stuff.

Some Patreon campaigns feel like thinly veiled threats. As in, if this doesn't work the show is off. That's not remotely close. The show will remain free and will go on. This will just make our wives give us much less shit if they know we're making some money from this.

Thanks for your support. --Dan Fields
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I'm going to think of real goals, but as a placeholder, if Eddie and I receive $30k a month (lol) we'll quit our day jobs and do the show full time.
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