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About Sigh Swoon

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+ Inclusion in my "Close Friends" list on my Instagram story.
What is posted in my "Close Friends":
- Video & text rants, theories, and personal updates that I only want an intended audience to see. Topics range from silly details of my love life to greater theories on existence and wellness.
- Poetry and prose from my personal archives dating back to 2009. New writings and old.
- Priority advice sessions, I will now only be posting the "ask me anything" advice boxes in my Close Friends list for less volume and greater likelihood that your question will be answered. 
- Alerts on when LIVE discussions & advice sessions are scheduled, as well as a codeword to use so you have priority questions in my LIVEs.

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+ Inclusion in my "Close Friends" list on my Instagram story.

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- Extensive writing about important experiences or reflections of the week.
- What I am currently reading and why.
- Content I saw, read, or heard that stood out to me and relate to the invisible.
Articles, quotes, videos, songs.
- A mantra to carry into the new week.

+ 10% off in the Sigh Swoon Shop

+ Access to every post on the Patreon feed.

+ A private inbox away from the storm of DMs that is Instagram. I love the idea of a core group that I can trust certain expressions with more so than the entire internet. I imagine this will grow and there will be more ways, digital and otherwise, that this core community can interact in the future.

Being any of the highest Swoon Tiers:

Swoonstruck comes with all of the above, but also includes every merch drop/ publication. Publications also include PDFs in the shop.

Swoon Supreme & Swoonlightenment comes with all of the above, 30% off in shop and
Weekly email thread where we can discuss whatever you want. Feel free to share details of your life, ask for advice, ask questions, etc. Like an online friend who has your best interest. Emails will be responded to at length every Monday, but can be sent over to me at any time in the week.


My name is Gabi Abrao and I share self-awareness reflections in the format of memes, extensive written guides, video rants, and long-format captions on my growing Instagram page. I also make paintings, curate shows, and operate an online boutique with found objects and my own designs. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently live and create here.

My life's work is to develop a language and positive relationship with the invisible."The invisible" pertains to everything in our lives that is immeasurable and formless, such as emotions, goals, dreams, perception, spirituality, and more. I believe these intangible factors, in all their mystery, are at war with our brain's need to scale and measure. Acheiving harmony between the two with self-awareness and perception-altering methods does wonders, serving as an act of love internally and externally.

This Patreon's purpose is to allow patrons who believe in this idea to offer tangible support for the work I share on a daily basis, as well as contributing to long-term projects such as the two books I am writing, my surrealist paintings, and my continuous efforts to bring ease and introspection to others.

I wish for my main content to remain free and accessible by way of Instagram, as it is important for me for teenagers to be exposed to it, as well as the general public. I enjoy when those who are not seeking introspection happen across my page find solace in it. Those who are not actively seeking self-help are sometimes most in need of it. By being a patron, you are not only supporting me but also contributing to the youth and general public's ability to be exposed to these thoughts and ways of living.

On top of supporting free self-awareness, self-soothing content, you will also recieve secret content that noone else sees.

If you're not interested in a monthly subscription, but want to send one-time support, donations are also accepted in the following ways:

Venmo: @sighswoon
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Thank you for your support and engagement.

Love, Gabi Abrao

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