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About Sigh Swoon

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Daily content. This is where I essentially blog my life in real time - focusing on current happenings that offer moments of reflection and insight that I believe can be valuable & relatable to others. 
- Steady reminders to check your shame, guilt, and stress meter.
- Content suggestions for music, podcasts, people to follow, quotes, reposts, etc as they arrive.
IMPORTANT: Password to access the blog changes monthly to keep it Patron-only. New password updates will be found in the Patreon feed at the opening of every single month. When you sign up, the password will be in your welcome message, as well as found on the Patreon feed.

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+ Private Tumblr access

+ Access to every single post on the Patreon feed, with a past archive of nearly 2 years.


My name is Gabi Abrao and I share self-awareness reflections in the format of writing, memes, guides, podcasts, and more, often witnessed through my Instagram page, @sighswoon. I also make visual art, curate art shows, and contribute to an online boutique with my own designs and imagery. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently live and create here.

My life's work is to develop a language and positive relationship with the invisible. "The invisible" pertains to everything in our lives that is immeasurable and formless, such as emotions, goals, dreams, perception, spirituality, and more. I believe these intangible factors, in all their mystery, are at war with our brain's need to scale and measure, but are also full of clues to harness greater heights and healing. Achieving harmony between these forces with self-awareness and perception-altering methods does wonders, serving as an act of love internally and externally. I believe that working towards an existence where shame, fear, stress, and ego are managed can lead to ultimate freedom. 

This Patreon's purpose is to allow patrons who believe in this idea to offer tangible support for the work I share on a daily basis, as well as contributing to long-term projects such as the books I am creating, my surrealist paintings, and my continuous efforts to bring ease and introspection to others.

On top of supporting the free self-awareness and self-soothing themes offered on my Instagram page, you will also receive secret, far more in-depth content that isn't publicly available as a thank you for your contributions. As my experiments and thoughts unravel, you will be the first to hear them, and learn along with me.

Thank you for your support and engagement.
Love, Gabi Abrao

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